Online Bill Payment Not Working - AGAIN

  • 17 March 2019
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I would like to know, once and for all...why the online bill payment system NEVER WORKS consistently. It is always on and off and TODAY it's OFF again! It's such a pain. Keep getting 'unknown error' message when I try to make a payment. And before anyone asks - the issue is on T Mobile's side and has zero to do with my browser as I've already cleared cookies and tried several browsers.

Seriously, If I wanted to call I'd be doing that every month. When is this going to be fixed? I'm sure Tmobile knows about it. But when I do have to call the agents act like it's the first time they've heard of it (I know it isn't).

Can we just get this fixed? How hard can it be?


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I have no answer but I am here to support your frustration. I'm a postpaid user and I cannot even get the app to work correctly without using desktop view on a mobile browser. I mean this is 101 stuff.

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My problem with the site AND app was to ADD FUNDS. Someone suggested me to use other browsers. My laptop is 2 years old with Windows 10. A couple of days ago I downloaded/installed Google Chrome Beta. That didn't help. Then tried Microsoft Edge. Complete access. I have a computer with Windows 7. Used Google. Complete access. On the computer I tried IE. Complete access. I now have 3 sources for the site. The app is a dismal failure right now.I would still suggest to clear cache and cookies. This worked for me.

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Believe it or not the app has been working for me the past couple days. this makes me think that it was a TMobile server-side issue. I have had no app update in a long time.

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I appreciate that info! This morning I called CS about bands in my area. I listened to an announcement downloading the app. It was updated from mar 5. I uninstalled my app, and will probably try it again.

Thank you Snn555 it's just ridiculous. Interesting that this question hasn't been attended to by anyone at TMobile. Having your online billing working properly is business 101. I can't understand what's so hard about getting it right. They're looking like they don't give a crap about their customers.

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May I ask how you are trying to access online? Computer, laptop? Just exactly are you doing? My case was a laptop using Windows 10. That didn't work so I tried Microsoft Edge. That worked!


I have tried every way, laptop, etc. None works. Shouldn't have to go through all of this just so we can give Tmobile our money.

It's quite ridiculous. I finally gave up and spent my valuable time calling.

dc5fan wrote:

May I ask how you are trying to access online? Computer, laptop? Just exactly are you doing? My case was a laptop using Windows 10. That didn't work so I tried Microsoft Edge. That worked!

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The things I did worked. Sure hope you get it fixed. Do you live far from a CORPORATE store, Not 3rd party?

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@magenta7967283​, I'm truly sorry that this has been a hassle and a half to make a simple payment. It should not be this way, and as I'm sure you've seen from other posts around the Support Community, this is a common complaint. I don't have an immediate or permanent fix other than the ones that have been mentioned on this thread. We've completed a few system updates but I'm still reading about the same issues going on. While I do forward feedback about the My T-Mobile site, the best next step is to call 611 to have a ticket filed. This at least allows our web engineers to track the issue(s) even if there's no immediate resolution.

I'm happy to read that you were able to submit your payment after calling in, but convenience is key and being able to process a payment online or through the app is a must.


I'd like to add this is really frustrating. I can not get my bill from the online portal.

I need to submit the bill to my work, can tmobile fix this? It's been almost a year since this first post.

I still cant pay my bill online using the checking account I have used for like 20 years!  They are trying to blame my bank and my bank shows no effort of the payment being sent.  This is the most frustrating website anyways and I am just trying to pay my bill!

I have the ANSWER!  The reason the online pay system will never be fixed is because T-Mobile wants to get you to go into the store to be sold more products/services. This is exactly what I was told by a worker at the T-Mobile Store in Alhambra CA when I asked in person. Straight from the horse’s mouth.


This is unacceptable when you cannot pay your bill at any given time! That is the whole idea! CONVENIENCE! The automated service does not work and neither does the app! Your reminders are way off as usual! Makes me want to X t-mobile! You guys are inconsistent most of the time! UNACCEPTABLE!

Not working again.  I have tried multiple times for three days straight to pay.  Funny thing is when in get a pop up to provided a comment how things are working and click it - I get an error.  WOW - the t-mobile website is absolutely horrible.   I can count on it not working one way or the other 50% of the time.  This is nothing new, and i have just put up with it and have never said anything.  How can a phone “tech” group have such a faulty site.


My suggestion shop around for a service that gives you what you want if this is important to you.

Looking online its seems to be a common issue that has been happening for at least 5 years. The fact that this is a consistent problem suggest to me that it won’t be fixed anytime soon. 

For me same issue. Can’t pay online → tried Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox. 


For me convenience is worth an extra 5 bucks a month, I like it when technology works to make my life easier not harder.


Side note: I believe they default to older messages first so it always seems like an old issue, I’ve never seen an discussion board with that as a default. Could be wrong but it makes sense to me.

The T Mobile website will generally not except payments at any given time. I would say, since I have been using T Mobile, that I have been able to successfully make an online payment once out of 12 times. Generally, to pay T Mobile can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes of your time. This factored in, and it is why T Mobile has lower prices for monthly plans, as they must factor in the amount of time they waste of yours every month when you try to simply pay them. I build website for a living. This isn’t just a bug here or there, or they didn’t test in all of the browsers, the T Mobile website doesn’t work in any browser, ever, consistently. You will have to call them to make payments 11 out of 12 times. Please fire your web developers, they are an embarrassment to this company

Yeah I've never had so many issues with a companies website or their billing system as a whole. It's honestly the most annoying process interacting with T-Mobile.