OOPS.... We Hit a Snag (Again)

  • 26 September 2021
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Who are you Britney Spears? All one need to do is google “oops we hit a snag, Tmobile” and you will see that Tmobile has never fixed the issue with upgrading online. I’ve been fighting with customer support all week on this, and every representative has told me “we did not know about this” and NOW ….. I am being told “we fixed the issue” --- and I am STILL experiencing the issue. 


I feel CRAZY. Like I am being gaslit by reps at Tmobile. I keep being told “were sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving t mobile, but we cannot offer you anything” -- This is an issue that prevented me from upgrading in 2019/2020 to iphone 12. Because these phones are expensive, I thought “well, I will hold on to this 6s as long as I can, if I cannot upgrade” 

Behold iPhone 13. Now is the time to officially upgrade (because my 6s is becoming more of a dinosaur) - I go to and go through the upgrade process and then BAM …. We hit a snag. 


4 replies

I am having the same issue. I have had the same issue for MONTHS. Tried to upgrade a line on my account back in Jan after the S21 came out. Had this issue until I tried a different browser profile. Then it worked.

Second time was April when attempting to buy 2 Note 20 ultras. I could not do it on any device, any browser or browser profile. Had to chat my way through and wait for a device upgrade credit.

It should not be this hard to upgrade or order devices. There is something HUGELY wrong with My T-Mobile | Shop | Cart  site, as if the shopping cart is corrupted.


I am having the same “oops we hit a snag but you’re still on track” when attempting to upgrade my device online. TMobile offers a $30 fee waiver for upgrading online but then I get this snag OVER AND OVER again. This is ridiculous and makes me want to find another carrier. 

Same here it's 11/17/21 why is this still an issue 

this issue needs to be fixed asap ! is very annoying and its inconvenient because i dont have the time to go to the tmobile store smh