Overcharged for three lines

  • 27 October 2021
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I added a line to my 55+ plan.  Previously, I was paying $60 for two lines and now I am paying $123.60 for three lines.  Adding an additional line should have brought my new rate to $90 per month.  I did not buy a new phone for the added line, I used an iphone that I already owned and I an paid activation fee at the T Mobile store.  I was told at the T Mobile store that my monthly bill would be $90 per month for three lines and now I have a $123.60 bill.  I feel like T-Mobile is trying to take advantage of me and other senior citizens.  T-Mobile needs to fix this.  I went to the T-Mobile store this afternoon and they were not very helpful and they did not explain why I was overcharged.  

4 replies

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Did you check to see if there were any prorated charges if you changed in the middle of a bill cycle.

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Overcharged for three lines


Is it possible that the 3rd line is on its own separate plan, similar to what this subscriber experienced?





It sounds like you got a hidden fee charge which they call it a pro rate fee for upgrading.  They are suppose to tell you about hidden fees because Tmobile advertises it that they have no hidden fees. You have to talk to several customer service reps until you find a good one. Keep fighting the hidden fees. Thats what I did. You shouldn’t pay for those hidden fees if they misinformed you or didn’t tell you.

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