PAH refuses to release my phone number, which I've owned for 20+ years. HELP!

  • 7 April 2021
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I’ve had the same phone number for probably 20 years now with T-Mobile. When I got married I joined a family plan with my (soon-to-be-ex) husband. That day we were in the store I had a baby in my arms so he signed us up for a new plan using his SS#. As of that day (about 5 years ago), as I’ve come to learn the hard way, he became the owner of MY phone number, which I owned for 10 years before ever knowing him. The phone number is tied to everything I have -- every account, my work and all of my business contacts… EVERYTHING. It’s the only cell phone number I have ever had. And now out of spite, he is not agreeing to release the line for me to take it to another T-Mobile account. No one told me that day we signed up for the family plan that this transfer of ownership was occurring. I am at a loss because T-Mobile reps have told me there is nothing I can do without his permission. Has anyone had any success with a situation like this? Anything a lawyer could help with? Anyone on the T-Mobile executive team I could write to for help? Appreciate any helpful advice...

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You could get a lawyer to try and recover the number for you.  Whether or not that is worth the cost to you to go after him for, is ultimately your choice.  T-Mobile unfortunately can't due anything about your number because that number belongs to an account that you are not the Primary Account Holder for.  If you do decide to take him to court over it though.  If he is that petty to not just let you have it.  He might cancel it long before it gets to court, which unfortunately means that will have been a waste of time and money for you.