• 30 April 2018
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Why wont tmobile give me my passcode.How can i get my passcode

8 replies

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What passcode?  Depending on what it is T-Mobile may or may not know what it is, or they have no way to verify who  you are to give it to you.  So exactly what passcode you looking for?

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Hey, @magenta4787227​!

Welcome to our Support Community! As @tidbits asked, we need to know what type of passcode you're needing. Is this a passcode when you call 611, visit, or unlock your phone? Once we have the answer to that question, we can get you some answers. 😊

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Howdy! Just wanted to check in here and see what kind of passcode you're looking for! We're happy to help but just need to know a little bit more, first. Thanks! 😊

unlock phone

Please help me reset my device

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Unlock your mobile wireless device

There are specific requirements for unlocking your device which can be reviewed by clicking the link above. 

If you meet the requirements and have an Android device, you will use the Unlock Device app.  If you want to unlock an iPhone, you will need to contact customer care by dialing 611, tapping the Message Us link on this page, or reaching out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.

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What do you mean by reset? Are you wishing to perform a factory reset?

I need a passcode to unlock my phone, I have fingerprint security but it says they require a passcode sign-in every 72 hours for added security.  I don’t remember setting up a passcode on my phone.  How do I get a recovery passcode to unlock my phone?