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  • 24 November 2016
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I got my new iphone 7 with the iphone trade up promo (I traded in iphone 6s) that I can receive bill credit for 24 months to eventually bring down my phone cost to 0. But I am wondering if I pay the EIP balance off early now while still keeping that line active, will it stop me from receiving bill credits for the remaining 22 billing cycles? Or I will still receive the remaining 22 months bill credit?

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Best answer by tmo_chris 25 November 2016, 16:12

Hey there 😊 If you pay off the EIP early you will still receive the monthly bill credits for as long as you maintain the other promotion eligibility requirements like keeping the line active.

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10 replies

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Hey there 😊 If you pay off the EIP early you will still receive the monthly bill credits for as long as you maintain the other promotion eligibility requirements like keeping the line active.


Question how does it work when the iphone 8 launches later this year?   Are we somehow tied in to the Iphone 7 in this scenario?


Hi Chris,

   After read your response above about paying off EIP early without losing the monthly credit from iPhone trade up promotion, I was going to paying off the EIP for my iphone7.  I called customer service line, talked to a live representative, she told me that I will lose the monthly credit for the remaining months if I paid EIP for my iPhone7 now, and she said it is a internal policy which will be send to me after I paid off the EIP, and she even told me that she has put a statement in my account indicates that she has told me I will lose the remaining monthly credit if pay off EIP early.

  I pointed out your response to her during the conversation, but she said that your response is not what the policy she know.

  I am confused and worried, because I have paid off some of the balance, not all, but the remaining balance has been shorten because of the extra payment I made. I was going to pay off the remaining balance, but don't know what to do now.

  Can you please help and clarify the policy once more, and let us know if I need to speak someone to confirm the policy who should we talked to.

  Many thanks in advance.


Do you have any pointers for this question? I received two conflicting answers today - one from chat rep and another from phone rep. Chat rep mentioned that you will still receive the monthly credits for the old phone until the 24 months is complete even if you pay it off in advance and the phone rep told exactly opposite!

Bump to keep the thread going. Does anyone figure out the answer to this problem? do you still receive bill credits after paying off EIP early or you forfeit it.

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According to the FAQ on the promo page , you will keep the credit.

T-Mobile Offer Details

You can always pay off your EIP early. You will continue to receive the monthly promotional bill credit for the length of the original EIP agreement.

Since it is 2020, what happens when you pay off your EIP balance early... will you still receive the monthly credit balance?

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You should have the promotional documentation or you should look it up.  It is specified in the agreement for the promotion.


I have been on T-Mobile for over 10 years and have in the past paid off my EIPs early and have continued to get Credits.

Last month, I needed to unlock my phone and the T-Mobile Rep said that I need to pay off my balance to get the unlock code and that I will continue to get Credits which seemed rational and so I paid off the EIP. This month I was expecting my bill to be lower as the T-Mobile credits would offset my bill amount. Unfortunately, T-Mobile completely took off the plan from my bill and did not pay me any credits.

I called T-Mobile and spoke to a Rep who at first kept saying that since the EIP is paid off, there will be no more credits and that's how my promo is structured. I told her that in the past this was never an issue and she insisted that this is a new promo and that is the rule. After going back and forth for 1.25 hours, she finally reversed my extra payment done last month so that the Bill Credits will continue. This is completely in contrast to how Bill Payments should work. What went wrong here? Is this the new Norm?

I just got off the phone with a T-mobile rep. I paid off early and the monthly credit disappears from my account. Talked to him for about 30 minutes and he still was not able to find out why. He promised to call me back. …. He CALLED back and told me they put the credit back into my account.

*** With T-mobile you have to fight for your money. They will do things like this to their customers. I have 10 lines and been with them for so many years. I know a thing or two.