Paying for a service i am not happy with

  • 15 September 2021
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 I am very in happy with the service i have received from T-Mobile .I signed up with them under the im pressing i was going to be receiving 2 i phone 12  when i signed up for the service.I never received the 2 i phones and the following day after i supposedly signed up for the phones i received a phone çall which was customer service letting me know that the i phones i ordered where on back order. They continued to inform me that they where going to send me two of the one plus phones and just aKsoon as the i phones came in i could send these phones back as and continue d to inform me that it shouldn't be no more than a week and i should the i phones.So needless to say i still never received the phones i originally ordered and now i owe for one month and my second month is due also. So i guess i am trying to see if this is something they practice in their sale dept. promising a product to get you hooked in a contract and never producing the product that originally ordered. So i made it a point to ask when i first signed up that if i didn't like the products i could send them back and they said that when i received the 2 one plus phones their would be a shipping label also included with the package that the phones was shipped in .And guess what their was no shipping to ship these phones back with either.So i feel like the person on the phone that got me to switch services flat out lied to me to get get me under contract for the phone service promising me what ever to make the deal. So i i am not going to pay them for the phones or services that i have received cause i have called not just onced or twice but a few times trying to get this straightened out and it still isn't at all what i agreed to at the start and i don't see why i should have to settle for something i didn't want to start with.When in all actuallity i was just shopping for a phone service that i could use for a internet connection at home also which they also supposedly offer also which i also qualified for on the initial phone call but when i called wondering why i never received the gateway they informed that where i live at it wasn't available.




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