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  • 28 January 2021
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I am wondering if anyone would know an answer to my question. I spoke with 5 different mobile employees over chat and 3 over the phone and received different answers. Seems like they have no idea.

We purchased 2 phones with their BOGO special about a year ago. One device is being paid off every month, the other is receiving monthly bill credits. We are looking into getting new phones directly with Samsung and would love trade ours in. 

We want to pay off the phones. So we know that the one that is being paid monthly by us, can be paid off right away and will not affect the “free” device. 

We, however, would like to trade in the “free” phone as well and we spoke to mobile about this and received different answers. I understand the phone is locked and still have remaining balance (supposed to be 24 months so until November). BTW, it is weird they say it is locked even though I can put any sim card in it (including one from Europe) and it works just fine. Anyway, we asked about paying that phone off as well. 

Some representatives said we can and that the monthly bill credits will be applied towards the monthly bill - every month.

Some, however, said it is not possible and if we pay it off, we lose the promotion benefits.

Has anyone dealt with this before and would know the answer? I am getting frustrated by everyone telling me something else and claiming that's the right information.

4 replies

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Unfortunately, the BOGO is dependent on you paying off the devices over 24 months.  If you pay off the one early, then you will lose the promotional credits for the other device.  This pretty much applies to most T-Mobile offers.  If you really want to buy new phones and are going directly from Samsung.  Just keep the EIP going, even after trading the device in.  It will get paid off just like you were using them.  T-Mobile doesn’t require the device IMEI to use their service, so you can switch out the phones as you like and use what you want without having to call in to make them work.  

Not true. Spoke with customer service and voids if paid off within first 3 months. After that you can pay one off and get credit.

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It actually depends on the promo.

3 employees told my husband and I that we can pay ours off after the first billing cycle with no issues. We haven’t done it yet so I’m not 100% sure. The promo was messed up for us because they told us it was BOGO but apparently it was only up to a certain amount.