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  • 29 July 2019
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i would like to extend my payment to the 9th of August if it possible

Thank you


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We could proceed w/ your request @soutsadavanh85 and secure our accnt anytime via Self help:T-mobile App, T-mobile web site, and Automated System

in that way We can save our assets for $8 Fee. Extra info Please be adviced if there is already an exisiting arrangement on the accnt we have to wait for that to fall-off in order for us to create a new one and accnt should be just 30 days past due only. for further assistance We may also get in-touch w/ Our Team of expert.

I hope this somehow help us 🙂

Thank you

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Contacting Customer Care is the best way to get your payment extension.

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Do you need to set up a Payment arrangement ? If so, take a look at that link to do so.

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Just checking in here to see if you still had any questions on this.

If I can’t make my payment arrangement How long do I have until my phone is disconnected?

Ok I have home wifi gateway and my service is suspended now I see A payment arrangement have to pay 75.50 my question is if I pay that amount will t mobile restore my service because I work from home 

I would like to extend my payment to the 20th of May if it possible. Payment is scheduled to 17th of May.


Thank you

I would like to extend my payment scheduled for May 17th to the 20th of May if it’s possible.

 Thank you