People getting busy signal when they call

  • 26 November 2018
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Has anyone else had an issue with some callers getting a busy signal when they call you?  Also some people are saying they haven't recieved my texts or I haven't recieved theirs.  It's been going on for 2 weeks or so.  It's not happening on my husband's phone.  The same people that can't get through to me can get through to him.  I put my sim in his phone and I have the same issue.  Someone please help.  This is my business line and I know I've lost business.  I've had my slightest week ever and it is always one of my busiest.

19 replies

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We totally want your business line working better than this. Are you having the trouble in or around certain areas? Also, are the numbers you're having trouble with T-Mobile or Non-T-Mobile numbers? I'd also like to know if your phone has solid signal or does if it fluctuates.

Hi, I have full signal. It's all around the KC area and at least one

person is a not a tmobile customer. The others, I am not sure of.

I'm in the KC area and having the same issue.  I've tried calling my new T-mobile number with another phone on a T-mobile line and get a busy signal every time. 

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Wow super strange. Are you in the downtown area in the middle of the city or somewhere else? Also, is it only incoming calls or out going calls too?

I can dial out from that new line with no problem but get a busy signal when calling into it.  I've tried downtown and Plaza area and same problem in both areas.

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We are going to need to get a network ticket opened for this @jsimmons525​Please give our Team of Experts folks a call so we can gather the necessary information.

Thanks Chris but everything was working fine this weekend with no busy signals.  I'll give them a call if it happens again.

I too am having this problem.  My Dr's office tried to call me this morning from 425-562-1316 (a local number) and got a busy signal (no voice mail).  They said they tried eight times.  I finally called them and got through just fine.  I tried having my wife dial my phone from her's and it seems to work okay.  So maybe it's just from land lines?  My phone shows no records of logged calls, nor are there any voice mails from my Dr.

What's up?  Any way to verify that this is working?


Dennis McCreery

Could this possibly be a problem with Scam Block?  I turned off all the call forwarding features and Scam Block just to make sure.  Short codes:

##21# Turn off unconditional forwarding

##61# Turn off forwarding if no reply

##62# Turn off call forwarding when not reachable

##67# Turn off call forwarding when busy

#OFB# (#632#) Turn off Scam Block


Dennis McCreery

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Oh man! Definitely do not want to miss a call from the Dr! Is your Wife on your family plan as well? If so, do you think it would be possible to have your Dr try to call your Wife? I wanna see if it's a problem with their line calling T-Mobile lines.

It's like this: Back in the deeps of time when I was a newbie hardware engineer at a telco equipment company, I found myself in charge of Tones for an application. You know: DTMF (i.e., touch tones), Busy, Ringing, and all that jazz. It's amazing what one can build with a DSP and some code..

In any case, one of those tones was Fast Busy.

You know: Fast Busy, as in, "All Circuits Are Busy. Try Again when It's Not So Crowded or the Equipment Gets Repaired."

So, back in the day, if one was in California, and one's mother was in Massachusetts, making that call on Mother's Day meant dialing (or DTMF'ing, yeah, that long ago) and fighting the fast busy follies. Just keep on trying, and eventually one gets through. But, note: Fast Busy != Busy. Busy means that the person at the other end is off-hook. Fast Busy means that the network is congested or broken.

You all are going to have to believe me, but it is possible to program a telephony switch, be it VOIP or POTS, so If It Can't Find A Path, Fast Busy Is What You Get.

So, I've had cell phones with AT&T, Verizon, and now T-Mobile. Not so much with T-Mobile, but definitely with the other two, I'd make the occasional call and get Busy. Or Voice Mail. And, I'd ask the callee, later, "Were you on the phone?". And, pretty much, they never were. It was network congestion.

I'm betting that T-Mobile (and the other guys) don't want to dump out Fast Busy because, well, it shows that their backbones are under developed. So, why tell the embarrassing truth and dump out Fast Busy when, literally, all circuits are busy, when it's easier to lie about it and dump out Busy, instead?

So, Chris, here you are asking picky questions about the punter's phone and its operation. So, I'm not an employee of a cell phone company, so I don't know. But I have to ask:

Have you ever had a case where a customer reported unusual busy signals and it was their phone, and not the network? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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Typically we like to see if it's some sort of routing issue when only one number is unable to get through. If @dennismccreery was not able to receive any calls, then it would more than likely be a network issue on our side.

Thanks for the reply: You're the support specialist, so you'd know 😊 . Just wanted to ask about the fast busy, though.

Thanks Chris.  I had the medical facility call both myself and my wife back on our T-Mobile cell phones, seemed to work just fine.  Not sure where the problem is or what to do from here.  Not sure whether they're hearing a "fast-busy" or a regular busy signal.  In any case, they should NEVER get a busy signal since we both have T-Mobile VoiceMail.



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@dennismccreery So the calls are coming through fine now?

Yes, so far. Thanks.


Hi, i've been having the same issue for at least a year, both text and calls. But since I'm not a heavy phone user, I was never able to definitively verify it. Until in last October (2019), a heater repair person complaining about me not at home when he called on my drive way, and tried calling me again while standing right next to me. I was also missing text messages from relatives from time to time, but when we met and tried to verify, messages would go through. I went to T-Mobile store about 2 months ago and explained to a lady about this issue. She replaced the SIM for free, but advised to change to a newer phone. Well, I'm using a Blackberry Keyone, which is really not that old. Yesterday, I finally found a way to test this, I used Google Handouts' Phone Calls feature to call my number, it would not go through and reported the line was "busy". So, after reading this post and reply by " @dennismccreery​", and " @magenta6928175" from another post, I tried #632# (Turn off Scam Block), a few minutes later the call via Google Handhouts went through, and the the call has an ID "Scam Likely".

I would never know what calls/messages I've missed, I hope the issue would go away, and I think T-Mobile should seriously look into this.

My mom has been having the same trouble with her Samsung Galaxy S8+ for about a year. Some people, her sister and another daughter just to name 2, would always get a busy signal when calling her. I noticed that when I went into her T-Mobile phone app and went to line details, above the Scam ID option was a Scam Block" option as well. My Samsung Galaxy S9+ on the same account didn't have the Scam Block option. I did some researching on the internet and found that if you type #632# into your phone's dialer and hit the green button, it will turn this Scam Block off and the callers are then able to call in without getting a busy signal. So for further understanding, #662# turns Scam Block on and #632# turns Scam Block off. This does not affect the Scam ID option.

(Note: I do believe both my sister and my aunt are both on AT&T, if that matters to those trying to troubleshoot this problem.)

Hope this helps.

5 days ago, everyone on my daughter’s ATT plan get a busy signal when they call me.  It goes straight to the fast busy signal.  I am able to receive calls from other’s who are on a different plan.  I can call her without a problem.  Also, she can text me.  I stopped in the T Mobile store with both phones and they checked all the settings and couldn’t figure it out.  Also,  my daughter has spent hours with ATT to problem solve.  Each says the other carrier is the problem.  I am about ready to switch service unless this can be resolved.  I have read this whole thread and tried the #632# and other suggestions.  Anyone have a suggestion for a next step?  Thanks