Phone calls/messaging works but LTE Data not working

  • 24 May 2019
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Hi, I have the oneplus 6 and for the past 4 days my phone data is not working, even though my texting and calling are working.  Whenever I try to access the browser, I get redirected to the website site where it tells me my line does not have a data plan, even though I'm on T-mobile Simply Prepaid 10GB/month.  I have called three times and visited a store without resolution.  I've read online that this should be an easy fix, that its an account level provisioning issue.

For reference, this link is exactly what my issue is:

Please help me resolve this as soon as possible.  Thanks.


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5 replies

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Sorry to hear this has been giving you issues. What were you told the last time you called? Normally this is resolved with a Trouble Ticket. Was this filed for you?

Hey Mike,

Thanks for responding! There was a ticket filed last Tues when I first called, which got closed but I still didn't have data.  I called again and they reopened the ticket and I haven't heard back since.

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Hmm. Did they say why the ticket was closed?

I unfortunately can't view an account through support to check on anything provisional, but if your ticket hasn't been resolved yet, I suggest reaching out to T-Force on FB or Twitter. They're often more acquainted with one off situations or less than common errors such as this!


Hi Lauren,

The first time my ticket was closed they said that it was due to a cell tower issue, but I still didn't have data so I called to reopen the ticket.  I called again yesterday to check in on the status of the ticket again; the ticket had been closed for a second time and they said that it was probably a device issue.  I had already gone into a T-mobile store, where they put my SIM card into another phone (still didn't work), and then gave me a new SIM card (still didn't work).  I'll try to reach out to T-Force, to do so do I need to make a post on Facebook?

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Sorry for the delay in responding to ya. To message T-Force, you can use the Facebook like in my signature and click the "Message Us" icon on the T-Mobile Facebook page.