Phone Drops EVERY CALL

  • 29 November 2021
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My phone has dropped every call I’ve made or received since Friday morning. I went to the T-mobile store for help, but they only made a couple of setting changes and then offered to upgrade me to apple care, and became rude after I got frustrated. They told me to phone the customer service line. That’s fairly hilarious, as my phone won’t hold a call over 10 minutes. Sometimes the calls can’t make it past 2 minutes.

Later that day, Customer Service and I worked on this via chat and multiple calls with no success. They offered to give me December for free, and that was all they could do. 

Sunday night comes and I’m still dropping calls, so I messaged Customer Service again for help, but still no success. 

My cell phone is also my work phone, and the only phone in my household. I’m at my wits’ end, hence this community post. 

1 reply

I have similar issues most calls drop a few seconds after connecting since the forced shift to WiFi calling began. I'm on high speed with Spectrum. A work around that is currently effective for me since I have decent tower reception where I live is shutting off wifi before answering or placing calls. We shouldn't have to use work arounds to make calls or buy new phones just so the cell companies can cheap out on us.This could be terrible for anyone trying to place a call for emergency services.