Phone is for tax-exempt non profit, how to waive sales taxes?

  • 1 September 2016
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I purchased a phone and refills on behalf of a tax-exempt 501c3 non profit in New York State. We should not be charged sales tax. How can I submit necessary forms to be recognized by T Mobile as exempt and not be charged taxes on future purchases?


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Hey @coopersquare‌!

You'll need to fill out a tax information request form and fax it back to us. Go here Community-2153 to get in touch with either T-Force or Customer Care to have that information sent to you.


Thank you Amanda. That's all well and good but I spoke with a chat rep who seemed to know nothing about this. Can you arrange for the info to be sent to me? It can be emailed to

Thank you!

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Had to edit your email out of the forums. You can send a completed W-9 to or fax it to 1-813-353-6200. The requests are usually processed within 2-3 business days once they're received.


Splendid thank you so much!

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Of course! Let me know how that works out for ya! 😊


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Hey there!

Just wanted to stop by to make sure this was handled. Please let us know if this got squared away for you.


Thank you Mike,

I've not received any response until yours. Not sure if our account has

received the tax exempt status yet.

In solidarity,

***edited personal info Mike C***

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Hmm. That's odd.

We'd need to look at your account but we don't have that access here. Are you able to run this by our T-Force team? I understand you've gone through chat already but our T-Force team can help a bit further and aid in shining some light on what's going on. If you have access to Twitter or FB, you can use the links in my badge to message them so they can take a peek at what's going on.

On 9/1 I emailed as instructed. I'm waiting for a response from them. So I presume that the request is going through its proper channel.

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Hi there, @coopersquare‌! We wanted to touch base with you regarding the email you sent.  Have you received a response from our Tax Support team, or have you been able to reach out to a channel of service with account access (like T-Force or Customer Care) so that we can review your account and see if the status has been updated? 

Thanks for filling us in, hope all is well!

- Marissa

Another related question.  Can we simply order, submit the paperwork and have the taxes removed later?

I recently tried to do this for our 501 c3 organization and hit this dead end twice when trying to contact the email listed above, which was given to me by a customer service rep. Can you please work with me and connect me to the appropriate personnel? Tax support says to call back customer service which says to email tax support...very frustrating!

“T-Mobile FS Tax Support
Please be advised this email box is for internal T-Mobile Employees only.  If you have been misdirected and have an issue that requires the attention of FS Tax Support we ask that you submit your questions and concerns through the T-Mobile Customer Care department at the number listed below. We are unable to respond directly to customer requests through this email box. You will not receive a response. 
T-Mobile Customer Care
1-800-937-8997 or by dialing 611 from any T-Mobile handset
Internal T-Mobile Employee(s):  
Thank you for sending your email to the T-Mobile FS Tax Support email box. This is an automated email response to your recent email.  
Thank you,
FS Tax Support”
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you might have a better shot at getting the correct email/fax by contacting TMO through either Facebook or Twitter..contacting them starts you with tier 2 support where calling in lands you with tier 1 support. more than likely the contact info for the Tax support department has changed in the last 5ish years.



thanks i will try that and let you know what I find!

The supporting documents can only be sent via Fax, which is just not terribly convenient for us, but whatever, I can get it done, but just with more hassle. Maybe it’s a security concern that does not allow for email, or sending images via Messenger? I dunno

Tax exemption requests

Fax: 1-813-353-6200, same as above

Attention: Advanced Billing