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  • 15 January 2018
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Well, Im looking to switch into tmobile with the family but it seems I've run into a problem.

As my family already has 5 lines, I had went in and was basically told I would have a 900$ down payment to start my own plan.

It also seems an option for my mom to create a new plan with me and my girlfriend?

Is this a possibility to have 1 person own 2 plans? I guess if my question is confusing I can switch it up a bit, thanks =)


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Not sure what you asking, I gather from what you asking if one person can have two separate accounts, with let's say two lines of service. If so, that would not be financially beneficial under T-Mobile's pricing scheme for you guys. The best option would be to consolidate the lines of service on a single account, as each line of service is discounted the more lines added discount  pricing starts at $70 for one line, dropping down to $40 per line for 4 lines w/autopay. So do the math, 4 individual lines would cost $70x4 = $280 vs. a single account with 4 lines $40x4 = $160. what did they tell you the $900 down payment was for?

Basically if one person can have two seperate accounts yes. She currently has 5 voice lines on her account and they told her that 5 is the max which seems low to me. They each have top notch phones at 5gb data each, and the original plan was to add me and my gf (making it 7 lines total on 1 account) but I didn't know if that was possible too? The 900$ down payment was the phone apparently. I chose the note 8 (which prices at 999) and then it would like 9$  a month. Not sure really, never done contracts.

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Gotcha, if all she's allowed is 5 voice lines, I doubt they would open a second account. I currently have 8 lines of service, I'm assuming the allowable lines of service is based on credit worthiness. $900 down payment for the Note 8 seems extreme, have you contacted telesales, or was this an in-store quote? Also you guys just missed out on a great Note 8 deal, @tmo_lauren​ is there an plans on bringing back the Note BOGO in the near future? I'd give Telesales a call and see what they can do.

So T-Mobile doesn't do contracts, the phones can be acquired two ways buying them outright, financing them via the equipment installment plan(eip) which may require a down payment or providing your own compatible phone. If you mom cannot add you, seems you next best option would be to open you own account and add you GF to it. It would save you some money. Sprint (who I don't recommend at all) has a tempting offer but those rates are only good for a year. Some folks like to carrier hop, while I can see some benefit to that, sometimes having longevity is a plus, it allows you to keep a rate plan that's a great value, sounds like you Mom has the Simple Choice Plan which is a very good low cost plan with a lot of bennies as an example.   

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It sounds like your mother has some sort of Prepaid Plan maybe and thighs lines is the max on that sort of plan like the 10 GB a month plan maxes at 5 lines. If that is the case then she won't be able to add on any more lines unless she converts to postpaid and then has a maximum of 10 lines I believe. If she is on a prepaid plan the reason that you would have to pay almost full price for the phone is because there is no credit check on that sort of plan. If you were starting your own plan you would have to make a large down payment based upon credit especially if you have no credit for if this is a new line of service. So either your mother would need to change plans that would allow more than 5 lines or you could opt to purchase a lower-cost phone as well.

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Hey @gdemers​,

Is looks like our awesome community members figured out what was going on here. Since you Mom is at her max available lines, she would not be able to add you to the plan. We do however have plans that allow for more voice lines and if you have not already, have your Mom contact our care teams to see if changing plans would open up some additional lines for her current account.

For the $900 down payment, it sounds like you were quoted the price of the Note 8 with average credit which is $743.00 + tax down and $9 a month for 24 months. We would not actually know what your down payment for a new phone would be until we ran your credit but for the Note 8 on "Awesome Credit" the phone will still be $230 + tax down and $30/month for 24 months.

@nelfar212​ - No current BOGO plans but keep an eye on our new deals space for all the goodies. Community-2842

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Thanks Chris, I was asking for gdemers, I took advantage of the Note 8 BOGO back in OCT, it's an awesome deal, I'm enjoying my phone's.