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  • 13 September 2021
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My husband and I recently deactivated our TMobile account as we have moved out of the USA. 


We both got our phones from TMobile and since they are paid in full we assumed they are unlocked too. 

This morning after our TMobile account was deactivated we switched to our Canadian number and found out that our phones are still locked. 


We called customer service this morning to get this resolved. After waiting for two hours to get to a customer service agent we found out they cannot verify our account. We do not remember our 6 digit code as we had always requested OTP whenever we logged in and now we cannot do that anymore as our number is deactivated. 


I was shocked to know that the only way TMobile can verify an account is by sending a text message. We are able to receive 6 digit pins on our email when we try to login into our account online but according to the agent they cannot do that. 

We have been a TMobile customer for 6-7 years. I am having a hard time believing that a company like TMobile does not have any other way of identifying or verifying a closed account. 


Please let us know how we can resolve this issue as soon as possible. All we want to do is get our phones unlocked. 

4 replies

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put the TMO sim cards back into the devices then try to use the unlock app possibly?

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You still needed to call or use the unlock app if it's an Android phone.

When I unlocked my paid off Pixel 4XL I used the app on my phone and was denied. A couple hours later I received a text letting me know my phone was unlocked.

Also I unlocked my LG V30 using wifi and no sim using the unlock app.

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Try reaching out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter to see if they can help you get this resolved if one of the above steps doesn’t help you.  Depending on the network you are using in Canada.  Unlocks should process when connected to Bell/Telus but as mentioned, your T-Mobile SIM might need to be in the device.  When contacting the T-Force Team, make sure you have your account number handy as they will need to verify who you are.  

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Assuming is a bad thing. This is why everyone should just get in the habit of unlocking their phones as soon as they are eligible.