Pin Blocked, Contact your service provider! Please help

  • 30 June 2020
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Pin Blocked, Contact your service provider! Please help


i canot enter any pin

4 replies

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Does it ask for a PUK code or pin?

If you still have the holder the sim card came in the code will be there.

If not you can reach out to Tmobile support on one of their social media accounts.


it doesnt ask for anything just says its blcoked and i have the puk code on the sim

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Your best bet is to contact Tmobile support using messenger on one of Tmobile’s social media platforms.

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You will most likely just need to set up a new SIM PIN.

It’s great you have the PUK code!  From the main screen, you should have an option to open the dialer (it might say “Emergency Call” or something similar)

Once you have the dialer open, type this in:


You may have to press Dial at that point.  You can choose any 4 digit PIN you like, when I’m walking someone through this step, I’ll set it as 1234 just for simplicity sake.  So for example, if your PUK is  88888888, you would dial: 


And then call.

Hope this helps!

** As an aside, if you’ve entered incorrect info too many times, the SIM will become permanently blocked and you’ll have to get a new SIM card, so be careful! This doesn’t mean that the PHONE is blocked, only the SIM! Easy fix if that happens :sunglasses: **