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  • 7 June 2019
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How do I recover or change my pin for accessing customer service by phone?


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Did you mean when calling customer service? if you have an online account or the Tmob aps, there's an option there to reset your PIN when calling customer care, the rep sent me a link on how to do it and that's how I changed mine... very helpful, I got the habit of changing mine every 3 months or so, you know for security reasons....😉

I need to reset the Customer PIN(when you call customer service). I have online ID already; but I can not find where I should be reseting the PIN. When I click on the “Change Pin” , it takes me to the screen where I can change my password, set security questions, opt for two step verification; but no where to reset PIN.

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@iradab1957 there’s a Change your PIN or passcode link at the top of this page. If you’re getting an error or it’s not working, you’ll want to contact our Care team to change it for you.

@tmo_mike_c  Yes. The link above was not working. When I click on it , it takes me to a page where there is no way to change the PIN. No mention of customer pin at all. I had to call them and get it changed. Thanks for your reply.