Pixel on Us Promotion - Misleading customer service and inconsistencies

  • 29 January 2020
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We have a significant problem with a T-Mobile promotion two of our family members signed up for back in October 2019. They switched to T-Mobile to take advantage of the October 2019 "Google Pixel 4 On Us" promotion. They were added as the 2nd and 3rd lines to my T-Mobile account.

The promotion can currently be found here:


The promotion reads:

"Get a Pixel 4 “on us” or up to $800 off a Pixel 4 XL via 24 monthly bill credits when you switch to T-Mobile and trade in an older Pixel phone. Meaning, when you get a Pixel 4 on T-Mobile’s interest-free Equipment Installment Plan, you’ll see a bill credit every month for $33.34. That means, at the end of 24 months, you’ll have paid a grand total of $0 — zero, zip, nada —plus the sales tax for your Pixel 4"

Both of my family members traded-in their Google Pixel 3 XL phones that were specified as eligible devices. No where in any text on this promotion page does it mention the phrase "eligible carrier(s)" or list eligible carriers.

The following is a summarized timeline of our correspondence with T-Mobile representatives regarding this promotion.

October 19th: Our family went to the T-Mobile Store #2178 Chico Mall (Chico, CA). We spent two hours with the T-Mobile Store representative. They confirmed the Google Pixel 4 "Pixel on Us" promotion and that both of my family members were eligible through their existing Google Fi carrier. They added two lines, ported their existing numbers from their previous carrier (both Google Fi), and setup the mail-in device trade-ins for their Pixel 3 XLs. We paid the initial fees and received our receipts. During this lengthy process we had multiple verbal confirmations from the T-Mobile Store representative and also a phoned-in T-Mobile representative that we were eligible for the promotion and that everything would proceed accordingly. The T-Mobile representatives knew both my family members were transferring from Google Fi.

Late October: My family received their device trade-in mail-in forms but they had slightly incorrect device specifications for their Google Pixel 3 XL phones despite the T-Mobile Store Chico Mall representative having their Google Pixel 3 XL phones when they took down the details. One phone was listed as the wrong color instead of "Not Pink", and one phone was listed as 64GB storage instead of 128GB storage. We went to the T-Mobile Store Mangrove Ave (Chico, CA) to confirm if they could ship the trade-in devices despite the slightly incorrect device specifications on the trade-in forms. The T-Mobile store representative phoned another representative and confirmed that the devices could be mailed-in with the existing forms without any complications despite the minor device specification differences. Following these instructions both of my family members then mailed their Google Pixel 3 XLs using their provided device trade-in forms.

November: We were concerned that the promotional monthly device credits were not showing in our November T-Mobile bill as the promotion's terms indicated they should. While in Sacramento for an errand, both of my family members went to the T-Mobile Store Riverpoint Marketplace to receive clarification when they would be receiving their promotional monthly device credits. My family informed the T-Mobile Store representative of their situation and that they transferred from Google Fi. The T-Mobile Store representative confirmed with their system the terms of the promotion, confirmed that they were eligible for the promotion, and suggested that it could take a month or two until the credits showed on the bill. Slightly unsatisfied with that answer, in Chico we went back to the T-Mobile Store Mangrove Ave to receive separate clarification on our bill and when my family would receive their promotional monthly device credits. The T-Mobile Store representative was made aware we were previously on Google Fi. They spoke on the phone with multiple T-Mobile representatives and further clarified our bill and assured us that both of my family members would be receiving their promotional monthly device credits but that it could take a couple months until those credits arrive, and recommended we monitor our bills until then.

Mid January: Very concerned that our January bill was still not showing the promotional monthly device credits, we went back to the T-Mobile Store Mangrove Ave to receive confirmation on the promotion and clarification when we would receive the promotional monthly device credits. The same T-Mobile Store representative from November spent almost 30 minutes confirming details on the phone with another T-Mobile representative, and eventually elevated the conflict to the department that investigates promotions. The T-Mobile Store representative said a new T-Mobile representative would investigate both of my family members' promotional monthly device credits issue and get back to us in a few days.

Late January: We receive word back from the T-Mobile representative who investigated the promotion, and they concluded that both of my family members were not eligible for the promotion because the carrier they transferred from was not eligible, in their case Google Fi. When asked, the T-Mobile representative investigator did not know why Google Fi was ineligible.

It seems a mystery to all the T-Mobile representatives we spoke with what the exact terms of this promotion are. None of the T-Mobile Store representatives we communicated with informed us of any ineligibility despite knowing we came from Google Fi. We purchased 2 new lines, ported their numbers, and traded-in their phones through instruction from the T-Mobile Store #2178 Chico Mall representative after they confirmed to us that both family members we were eligible for the promotion. From our perspective we were mislead from the T-Mobile Store Chico Mall representative, and the T-Mobile’s website promotion page for not mentioning anything about eligible carriers. We are hoping for swift resolution to this issue in our favor. Both of my family members are very frustrated with this costly issue and their loyalty to T-Mobile is not good right now.

I'm posting here after seeing resolution to a very similar issue posted by another customer two months ago: https://community.t-mobile.com/thread/152663

Thank you

3 replies


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