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  • 23 February 2021
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I was doing the 4 lines prepaid family plan for about 2 years, and two of my family members went out of the US two months ago. So I changed one of the numbers, last month, and still paying the same price. Now, I changed the 2nd number and by the end of this month, I was asked to pay for that specific number as a separate line and can’t add him again to my old plan because it was a promotion otherwise I have to pay extra $20 per month in order to get that number in my old plan because the promotion is not offered any more.

Given that I asked a t-mobile representative about this before I change the last number and he told me that will work, I mean, the number will be in your plan. Now, they are telling me, we can’t do anything for you !!!!!


My questions are :

1- Who is responsible for this mistake?

2- Who can fix it?

3- Is there any institution in the US where someone can filing a lawsuit against a telecom company?


Thank You all


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