Please delete my support account only!

  • 13 September 2018
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Please delete my support account only! This was created by mistake. Thank you very much.


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Hey there.

Sorry to hear you're not looking to hang out here on the support site. I'll take care of this for you. Keep in mind, you're welcome to come back anytime you want.

Can you please delete mine as well?

I thought I was accessing my account information and ended up with this support account which is something I don't need.

I made this T-Mobile community support account by accident and would like it to be deleted as soon as possible. Thanks

Hello! I created this support account by mistake.. My username make this account excessively identifiable...

The interface is so similar to the main t-mobile website I thought I was logging into My T-Mobile. Please delete this account! Thank you very much!!

Please also consider changing website look to reduce future users from mistaking the websites. =)

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Hey there!

Sorry to hear you're wanting to leave. I did delete your account but you're welcome to come back whenever you'd like.

Can you please delete my support account, I did not mean to sign up for this.