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  • 10 February 2021
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Maybe someone here can help. Below is the email my wife sent to the regional store manager. Unfortunately the issue still has not been fixed. This has taken way to much of our time to try to get fixed and I would hate to leave after 20 years just because because they can’t fix our account. 

Good Morning Mr. Graden,

I’m reaching out to you as a last hope because of the frustration we are experiencing trying to correct a mistake on our account. This issue has caused us to not be able to manage our account online, upgrade our phones or assign a primary account holder. This has taken hours of our time on multiple days both on the phone with customer service and at two separate store locations. The customer service received this past Saturday at your store #8778 in Buford, GA was our breaking point! No one will take accountability for this mistake or assist us in resolving the issue.

After waiting in line for 30 minutes for assistance we were then helped by a salesperson name JoJo Gonzalez. She tried very hard to resolve the issue for over an hour. She determined that the mistake is a duplicate account number that is assigned to us as well as a prepaid account that is not ours. She can see this by accessing a computer in the back of the store. Detailed notes were added to our account of her findings. Ms. Gonzalez, however, was not able to get this fixed by calling her internal resolution line. Seeing her frustration and understanding that we are keeping her from making sales on a very busy retail weekend, we asked to speak to the store manager.

The store manager Carla Wilson apologized for the mistake and then proceeded to tell us there is nothing she can do at the store level because their internal resolution line keeps hanging up on them. She recommended that we go home and try calling customer service again during the week when the calls would be answered by someone in the United States! We explained several times that we have already done that on more than one occasion. We do not have access nor are we familiar enough with the software currently used in your systems to speak on the problem! THAT is why we are at the store we had previously purchased our phones. She did not offer to follow up herself during the week or offer any other solutions besides try again somewhere else! She simply walked away from us in the store!

The service we received is not indicative of a company that has won 20 JD Power Customer service awards. We have been loyal customers since Aerial communications over 20 years ago and have never had a problem before this issue. Please help us resolve this problem before we are forced to close our account and go to another service provider.


Thank you,

Kristi and John


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