Please verify your 10 digit T-Mobile phone number is correct

  • 4 July 2018
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I still cannot get into the tmobile website to manage my account.

First, the site accepts my email address and password. Next, the site states, "The application you are trying to access requires a phone number. Please add a phone number to proceed."  Then, the site repeatedly states, "Please verify your 10 digit T-Mobile phone number is correct."

The phone number is active. It can place and receive calls. However, the site will not recognize the number.

I ported this number to Tmobile ~6 weeks ago. I have tried numerous calls to customer support, but the representatives are unable to help or they repeatedly say to wait 72 hours.

It is unfortunate that I may have to switch providers just because tmobile makes it inconvenient to pay my bill.


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9 replies

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Contact Tmobile through messenger using facebook or twitter.

They should be able to fix this issue for you.

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Contacting our T-Force team is a good idea. Have you reached out yet to get this resolved?

I need to reset my pin

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Is this the pin for your T-Mobile account or a pin on your phone?

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Hey there! Just wanted to swing by and see if you still needed assistance! Were you looking to reset the PIN for your device, your T-Mobile account, or your online access? We're happy to help if we can, just looking for a little detail! 😊 Thanks!

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Hey, @magenta5450235​! Were you able to get your PIN reset? Keep us updated if you still need help!

@magenta5088432​, have you reached out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter yet? If so, were they able to get your online account setup?

It says to reply to support through facebook or twitter. I don't use social network and don't plan to..Is this how your tech support work?

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You can call in and ask for tech support or live chat.

How do I verify my number?