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  • 20 December 2022
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Recently upgraded my iPhone. Following the instructions to send in my old phone, I attempted to drop it off at the store. (In Bartlett, TN on germantown and 64) Shaniqua and the store manager both said the instructions are wrong. They can’t accept it at the store and I had to send it in via USPS. They didn’t seem to care and acted as if I was a burden and was more concerned with getting me out of an empty store than helping.  How do I report horrible customer service?  

Navigating through the website to leave customer feedback is more trouble than what it’s worth… easier to just walk to Verizon or ATT and overpay for the same poor service. 

t-mobile, you listing?

3 replies

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no theyre not listening. this is primarily a peer to peer assistance site with a handful of moderators/admins to keep the site in order only…



was it a TMO owned store or a 3rd party owned TMO store?

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Another thing is that you were supposed to mail it in not drop it off at the store. If they took responsibility in accepting that package and sending it in and if the package didn’t arrive to the return facility, they would be at fault in your eyes.


Although this reply is a year behind the issue the message is still valuable .

No matter what the procedure is for return of an item the representatives working for T-Mobile should have their own work ethic ( and personal ethic ) to provide considerate, conscientious assistance to any customer in need. Beyond your paycheck ...who are you ? 

Lest we not forget ....we are human beings....Let's not entangle ourselves in an automated system so much that we forget compassion and regard for those in need.