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  • 25 March 2022
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After years with Verizon, I was paying over $200/month for 2 lines. Since I’m retired and don’t use the phone that much I switched to T-Mobile about 2 months ago, and was happy to pay $70/month instead. I even upgraded to a 5G-capable phone. Unfortunately, I seem to be in a dead zone, even though I’m only a few miles from a large town in Michigan. There is no 5G. Cellular data speed on LTE is less than 1mbps, and won’t even load I am able to make calls because I have good wireless internet (Xfinity) in my home office. However, that service deteriorates on the other side of my small house, and my wife cannot make calls unless she moves to another room. That is unacceptable. 

Today I spent over an hour on the web-site, and talking to a few “tech experts” from T-Mobile. The usual rebooting, reset network etc don’t do anything. I was transferred to an Apple tech person (? because I have an iPhone) but that call dropped after less than 10 seconds. A lot of nice words, commiseration, but no fix.


I was in California a couple of weeks ago; a few miles from Emeryville (near Berkeley and SF) I had no bars at all, and only 1-2 bars in Yorba Linda. The only place the service was great for me was in airports. 

I should have known you get what you pay for. Very disappointed: T-Mobile talks a great game but doesn’t deliver. I will check out AT&T or go back to Verizon. 

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