ported my number the wrong device was shipped now can't get the free phone

  • 16 November 2021
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In August 14th I ported my number from Metro to T-Mobile and was able to get a promotional deal for the Moto 1 Ace 5G free activation I would not pay for the phone I would get a credit towards my bill every month August 16th I received a Moto g play August 18th I returned that the wrong device waiting for my refund so I could try to get the correct one ship this time October 13th I finally received a moto 1 Ace 5G that apparently I'm leasing this phone now because T-Mobile took over two months to issue My refund and actually did not give me my refund until I called the warehouse in Texas gave them to UPS shipping information and tracking numbers so they could update the account that I had returned items I don't know what to do I know I'm pissed as hell I finally got the phone I wanted but because of their slowness and dumb ass running around circles I'm not paying for it literally every month there has got to be some way somebody that can fix this I am a single mom on a fixed income with two children special needs $11 is a lot for me please somebody help me oh and my 360 protection apparently I for some reason don't no longer have had it in October had it or August had it September my November bill that you no longer there Play somebody at least somebody's got to know of who the heck I can get in touch with a number and email I'm done going into the stores I need a phone I love the service signals great but this is ridiculous I'd not only didn't get the promotion I was supposed to get because T-Mobile I don't even know what but by the time I was actually able to order and receive the correct device actually used T-Mobile service for the first time my number was already an active T-Mobile line so I'm going to me at the time I am now leasing said phone didn't know that tell Kevin he's got pay three bills before ever using the service please somebody give me some info somebody I can contact all I want is that $11 a month off my phone bill I want the promotion I should have gotten and don't understand why I didn't it was not my error I didn't do anything wrong I actually in the reason I got my own individual refund I had to call a warehouse in Texas to give them all the info so that they could update my account so I could be refunded and then try to order again all I want ate what I should have originally gotten for porting my number which was the phone for free as long as I kept my service for 24 months and OtterBox case I'm leaving the phone and taste you. I'm not even going to go there and now my insurance is 360 protection plan is no longer magically on there please somebody help me

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