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  • 11 October 2018
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Has anyone done this? Ported from The Number Barn to T-Mobile?

I have a Verizon number currently which I'd like to park with The Number Barn. In 6 months when I'm done traveling abroad, I'd like the number to be ported to T-Mobile. I've been warned (by The Number Barn) that once numbers go to The Number Barn, they become "wireline" numbers and "some carriers" will have restrictions or issues about porting these type of classified numbers.

Called T-Mobile's porting team and asked the same question. They were VERY confused / not helpful.


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4 replies

That's true

the term "wireline" is the same as the old school "landline"

FCC regulates every LNP action, and as usual, they are really vague about it:

Local Number Portability Porting Interval and Validation Requirements | Federal Communications Commission

When you port into Tmo, you test first here:

Transfer Cell Phone Number | Switch Cell Phone Carrier | T-Mobile

This means number barn is actually porting your number to a land line so you can keep it, while you are switching numbers / carriers

Might as well switch to prepaid and keep the number. This way it would be easy to switch back to plan, see some plans here:

Ah! Well... might as well do the prepaid plan - that makes a lot of sense. Thanks very much!

It's actually really easy to port either way (from TMobile to NumberBarn; from NumberBarn to TMobile). I have ported numbers to and from NumberBarn to TMobile (and Verizon) many times and it always works without a hitch. You are right that it is ends up being classified as a "wireline" number but then when you port it back to TMobile they turn it back to a "wireless" number. NumberBarn's support department is awesome, so I would recommend contacting them if you ever have questions.

If you have numbers wanted to park, numberbarn is the best. I have 3 numbers were working with YouMail service. Tmobile gave me no help because they don’t have a contract with YouMail and cannot take my numbers out of YouMail, and the YouMail is using third-party providers to provide their numbers. Basically, there was no way to get my numbers out of YouMail. Luckly, I found numberbarn and their support trace down to the actual numbers providers and working with YouMail to got my numbers related and parking at numberbarn now. I just checked Tmobile can port my numberbarn numbers. Very happy now.


i am just a happy customer of numberbarn and not related to them. i am still paying them $2 per month for parking my numbers.