Prepaid Account Number

  • 12 July 2020
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Hello, where do I get my account number for prepaid? Some threads say it’s your phone number, others say you gotta call. I cannot call as my number is apparently in limbo. What do I do? Also, the new carrier (Still through T-mobile but through work) Requires original activation area code, I’ve moved since then and updated the account to reflect that. Should I still use the original area code?

3 replies

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Have you created an account online? What do you mean exactly by “through work”? Does your employer own the account?

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An online T mobile account? I think so. I log in to pay it online so I think so. Through work as in through Walmart. They’re offering some service through T-mobile for the same service I’m using now at half the price. No, they don’t own the account.

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The Walmart Powered By Tmobile are Walmart plans which is probably why you need a new account.