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  • 13 February 2017
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Is there any prepaid plan that works with international roaming?

I'd like to keep receiving sms messages when outside the US


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16 replies

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Yes @brunoopayq we do have prepaid plans that'll allow you to use voice and text. What plan are you on currently?

Actually I'm on at&t currently, but since I'm spending a lot of time in Brazil now, I'm thinking about switching to T-Mobile in case it offers a prepaid with roaming

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We're excited to hear you're looking to switch! 😊

I suggest taking a look at our different prepaid plans to see which one will work for you. Prepaid Cell Phones | No Contract Cell Phone Plans | T-Mobile.‌ Keep in mind, our rates will be different when you're in Brazil. You'll also want to take a peak at the link below for information on rates for this and any other countries you may travel to.

So, should I want to send and receive text messages in Brazil then I'm looking to purchase the Simply Prepaid plan, right?

That will cost me $5/mo. + $0.50 to send and $0.10 to receive SMS

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You can purchase the Simple Prepaid plan if you want it. That $5/mo you're referring to is for unlimited talk, text, and data while in the US, Mexico, and Canada only if you're looking at this page: Prepaid Individual Plans | No Annual Contracts. No Overages | T-Mobile

That feature won't be necessary if you're in Brazil using the service. You'd be looking at the second pdf link I posted for the rates when using the service while you're roaming.

Oh, great! Does the Pay as you Go also works in Brazil?

Also, can I do the switch online or do I have to go to a physical store?

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Yes it does. You could Community-2153 and have a Care rep make the change for you if you didn't want to go to the store.

Strange i've been trying all those number, none seem to work.

I 'm currently in brazil but I have a relative in Cali who could receive the new mobile card and deliver to me when he comes in the following weeks

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Wow, that is strange. You even tried calling +1-505-998-3793? That's the number you'll wanna use while you're roaming.

Exactly but im calling from a voip number

The call does not complete then. Should I ask my realtive in cali ti make the call? He's in the states but the sim card is with me in brazil tho. he's coming over in a few deays i hope he could bring me the new mobile card with him already

I have my passport, visa and purchase receipt copies if thats of any help

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Do you have a Twitter or Facebook account? If so, you can use the social links on our Community-2153 page and get in touch with out T-Force team. They can help out with the plan as well as change the SIM for you.

Mike I currently have Simply Prepaid (specifically "$25 Simply Prepaid UNL Talk Text WC") and will be traveling to Barbados. I found the PDF you mentioned:

So I think I understand what my charges would be. I also found another document:

International roaming services

That says "If you're not on a T-Mobile ONE or a Simple Choice plan, and you'll be traveling outside the U.S., add World Class International Roaming to each line." I went to My T-Mobile, then to Plan, but the only international service I see listed to be able to add is Simply Prepaid Mexico Landline. Is the World Class International Roaming not available to me for some reason?

Hi all,

I have a pre-paid line and I want to add prepaid roaming services to travel to Colombia, is that possible?? an agent is telling me that the only way to have international roaming is by having a post-paid plan which I don´t want to because I am not in US all the time.

For others reading this dialog. T-Mobile Prepaid customers need to understand "traveling outside of the USA" means Canada and Mexico are the only countries outside of the USA. "International" means Canada and Mexico. There are no other countries, there are no other places to go. Soon, Canada and Mexico will also cease to exist and the USA will be the only country on Earth.