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Hi! I'm currently enrolled in a T-Mobile Prepaid plan ($50 Simply Prepaid 10GB 4G LTE. I've moved out of the US since April and I thought I’m unlikely to come back in a short time so I decided to just let the funds run out. But now I’ve changed my mind.

If I wanna keep my number (planning to go back to the US in January 2021), what should I do? T-mobile don’t let me change the plan in online and I can’t call them right now cuz I’m in abroad now. If there’s methods to reach them other than call, please let me know. I don't have auto-pay on and I currently have about $4 on my account. Thank you!

+I always just stop paying when I’m out of the US for three months for summer vacation and start repaying when I come back and there have been no problems at all. But this time, I’m gonna be out of the US more than 8 months and now I’m worried if t-mobile’s gonna delete my number or it’s gonna affect my credit scores etc.

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You can always port the number over to google voice for a one time $20 fee then port it back when you come back in January.

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You should still be able to dial *233 from your device, make a payment, and then speak to someone in Customer Care to see about changing the plan to something that won’t cost you as much until you return to the US.  If you your device supports T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling, you could still use your device and plan while abroad.