prepaid with available prepaid service balance

  • 19 March 2023
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i have a prepaid sim card. i still have some balance in my available prepaid service balance (apsb).

can i use that balance to pay for the monthly plan? will t-mobile automatically deduct absb every month? or do i have to make payment separately every month?


what about refilling the balance with refill balance card from stores such as target?





3 replies

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You can use that balance to pay for your next month of service.  If the balance isn’t enough to cover a whole months service, you will need to add more for the plan to continue.  If you have autopay enabled, it will withdraw the difference between what the plan costs and how much funds you have available on your prepaid account.  If no credit balance on the account, 


great, thanks for your help

How do I make payment with my prepaid available balance