Problem with code T592 credit?

  • 4 January 2022
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Just curious if anyone else has had a problem getting proper credit on this promo. Supposed to be “transfer a line to T-Mobile, trade in ANY working Iphone and get a 12 Mini on us”.  I transferred 2 lines from ATT and sent in and got credit for 2 working Iphones. T-Mobile has me on some “buy 1, get 1” promo that is not what I signed up for. I switched in June 2021, the promo ran from 06/04/21 - 07/08/21. 

Every customer service “professional” has said they have fixed the problem, yet the problem remains. At this point it doesn’t seem like T-Mobile is any better than ATT with customer service.

Anyone else have this issue, or a success story with this code???

1 reply

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Wow, you normally see the bill credits 2 cycles after promo. You need to make sure that Find My iPhone is disabled before the trading it in, but seeing as Care is trying to fix this, it might already be disabled. I’d reach out to our T-Force team using the @TMobileHelp handle. They can pick up where our phone Care team left off and help resolve this.