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Is there a solution to this long term problem? It's been months since I've been able to use the app, my phone is up to date. Im not getting an error message like some have mentioned, mine won't even open.

When installed and reinstalled it asks for permissions to be allowed a show and it closes. HELP PLEASE

Is there a solution to this long term problem? It's been months since I've been able to use the app, my phone is up to date. Im not getting an error message like some have mentioned, mine won't even open. When installed and reinstalled it asks for permissions to be allowed a show and it closes. HELP PLEASE

Was having this same issue, not syncing, getting an error message. This solution worked for me. Samsung S8.

This is a good tip.  I went into the settings for the app and changed the setting "Close after screen locked" to OFF.  I have a Huawei Honor 6X with Android 7 on it.  This worked for me.  Thanks to @dwh367.

Clearly this is been going on for years now as I see a post here getting down to 2017. I have the exact same issue with a Galaxy Samsung Note 8 and have double checked to ensure battery optimization is bypassed by this app and have allowed all requested access by the app and still the same problem. Anyone? Solutions?

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is unusable. It does not sync messages unless manually done so. I receive no voicemail notifications, so I must continually check for messages. I'm running the app on Android Oreo.  I do not have the setting option "Close after screen locked".

This has been a problem for over TWO YEARS and you're still pushing this broken app out to customers?  Why in the world would you do that?

I have a Samsung S9 and same problem for about last month.  Visual Voicemail was working fine and then just stopped synchonizing.  Called Tech Support and they got it to work - for a few hours - then back again. 

Appalling this seems to have gone on so long for so many customers.  Better get this fix rolled out asap.  From a long time customer - you guys can do better than this ...

Thanks for the info. I have been having this issue for months. Recently called in to my TEX and was told that my amount tote wouldn't allow visual voicemail. When I pointed out that I was previously able to use visual voicemail from the same device with no account changes. I was then told it must be that visual voicemail and voicemail to text aren't compatible. I said fine, I want the visual voicemail more than the voicemail to text. He put me on hold again, said actually they eye getting an error message when trying to add just the visual voicemail and that I could only have voicemail to text. I left the call with no real resolution.

I turned off the optimization for visual voicemail app and now it's working. Thank you again.

Remove ny e-mail from your data base. I do not desire receiving Fake/Fraudulent emails.

How do you turn off the optimization for visual voicemail app?  i don't see that option anywhere.

I installed Tmobile Visual voicemail app Version on Samsung Galaxy 8 and never could delete an individual inbox voicemail message.  There is a garbage can icon on the main page of Visual voicemail where you see all the voicemails that you can scroll up/down throughout each voicemail message.  The "Inbox" is on top left and to the left of this is a garbage can (delete) icon, a play icon and 3dot horizontal icon.  I was able to click on this garbage can (delete) icon, then "check mark" on every voicemail message I wanted to delete as a group, then "click" delete at bottom of screen with success.  I am able to delete each voicemail individually on my Samsung galaxy note edge Visual Voicemail app Version  Hopes this info helps everyone.

Well - this post is over a year past the OP - this app is still 100% unreliable and causes me constant embarrassment because I never receive my business voice mail.

Exactly.  Just yesterday I FINALLY received 2 business messages, but "Visual Voicemail" in it's wisdom wouldn't allow me to "load" either message.  Outrageous.  How I wish I had completely ignored that message telling me to "update my Visual Voicemail".  I had the original platform and it worked GREAT.  Visual Voicemail is crap.  Shame on TMobile for allowing the app developers to roll out this broken mess.

My problem is that the Visual Voicemail app won't load.  So I'm in a state of limbo in-between the original platform that worked great, and an app I have to have installed, but won't load on my phone.  Without the app loaded, I can't even see the garbage can icon you refer to.

I find it amazing that this feature that worked perfectly through the native app dialer no longer works but, when I reset up my Motorola Nexus 6, it works PERFECTLY and TMO told me that this feature is only available for the Google Pixel devices.          

Hello all, this may not be the solution for everyone, but I has a thought while reading some of the comments. With the new release of android, battery saver was updated. So I turned it off, gave myself a call and left a voicemail. It showed up with visual voicemail immediately.

Im a tech consultant, so I know that won't help everyone with this problem, but at least some of us can benefit.

If you need to use battery saver. (This may be different on some phones)

Open settings.  Choose the magnifying glass to search. Type battery. Select optimize battery usage. Select that option again if you aren't in it. Change the sort to "all" scroll down to visual voicemail and turn off the optimization.

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TMO as a whole are not telling a consistent story or giving any sort of solution to the problem.  Some Pixel devices work some don't.  People in the forums here have mentioned that newer OnePlus devices are working with native VVM.  What I have noticed is if you receive a message to download the new T-Mobile VVM app you are not going to be getting native VVM on your device no matter what T-Mobile hoops you jump through.  What worked for me was switching carriers.

Oh my...I wanted to have so much hope with that battery saver exercise melechi.  However, on my Nexus 6, the Visual Voicemail app wont' even load.  A thousand times I've hit "retry now" and consistently receive "We are experiencing some issues with activation.  We will retry in a few minutes."  Same thing...every time...for months. Kinda crazy!

I had a problem with the t-mobile app like that. The only thing that resolved it was a factory reset of my phone. I keto back ups of my phone, you should check to make sure you have one, and do any updates after resetting the phone and before doing the restore.


Most people don't use the TMO VVM app because the native phone dialer already has VVM there. My gripe is that the native phone dialer VVM used to work flawlessly but about two months ago it no longer does and TMO started sending customers texts about installing their VVM app after the broke the one for the native phone dialer. Why should people be forced to use TMO VVM app?

Exactly.  Everything was perfect until TMO forced their VVM down my throat and now it's all broken.  Ridiculous.  Support on the phone has no idea what's going on, they say yeah, we've heard of this and our people are working on it.  It's been YEARS....

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Couldn't agree more.  The native VVM is/was perfect, simple yet effective.  Native VVM still works on my Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T, but doesn't work on several of our other devices.  Maybe if the T-Mobile VVM app didn't look like it was from the Android 2.1 days, it wouldn't be half bad. For me though, nothing beats the native one.

A lot of people buy OEM unlocked devices to help avoid carriers bloatware and for some features that comes with those devices. So when a carrier decides to force people/customers to use something that they didn't have to use before; I consider that a bad business practice.