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I am subscribed to the Visual Voicemail version feature on my T-Mobile account on the Samsung Galaxy S8 running Oreo version 8.0.0.  Most of the time, it fails to synchronize my messages to the app.  I get a message that says it failed to synchronize messages and to make sure I am connected to the data network.  This is happening whether WiFi is on or off and I'm never in an area where I am not well covered by the T-Mobile network.  This is very annoying because I use my phone for business as well as personal calls and I need Visual Voicemail to work consistently! 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and cleared the data cache several times already.


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All but one of my devices are unlocked.  The one T-Mobile device is the OnePlus 6T and has native VVM.  So whatever they're doing doesn't make sense to me and yes, terrible business practice.

Dear TMobile @tmobile-admin@tmo_miket@tmo_mobiletestuser@tmo_mayank@tmo_moderate@tmo_evan@tmo_feras@tmo_paul_o​ How long are you going to ignore not only this thread but the issues with the Voicemail app? I'm on an HTC U11 and the VVM keeps saying it's having syncing issues, which I know is sucking the battery life. The constant notifications need to stop. Please get with your development team and resolve this. It should not take 8+ months to address this.

This works on the Galaxy S8 running android pie. This will show two visual voicemail. One will be grayed out. The second one will be the one you have to turn off the feature in the instructions.

I am still unable to get this feature to work and Ive been PAYING for it. I am going to require T-Mobile to refund the entirety of the charges I have paid thus far. Come on T-Mobile. Voice mail should not be this difficult.

T Mobile customer service,

I was with Sprint for 20 years and swtich over to AT&T 2 month ago and then I switched to T-Mobile this week Dec 22, 2019. I have been trying to get my Visual voicemail to work with my email "Send to Email" and every time I click on the swtich I am greeted with this alert "Visual Voicemail We are unable to update your settings at this time. Please make sure you have a data connection and try again. If the issue persists please visit visual voicemail."

This is happening with two of our Samsung S8 plus phones, please let me know what to do to get this issue solve.

Best regards


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