Problems to access account

  • 14 June 2021
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I logged in several times this morning and I can't access my account. I need to retrieve some detailed bills and the page is not loading with my information. If I get back to home, I need to put my login information again - email + password, which gets me to the same page as before, a gray screen with no account information but with the buttons that Tmobile has on the bottom of any page (Privacy notice, internet-based ads, privacy settings,...)

5 replies

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That’s odd, but I’m sure there’s a way to get that fixed. I’d start by clearing the cookies and history on your browser. I’d test another browser if this issue still continues on that specific browser. If it’s still loading on a blank page, contact our Tech Care team by calling or through our FB or Twitter page. They can file a Help Desk Ticket to get this issue fixed for you.

I’m having the same issue. Tried using Chrome and Edge browsers. Cleared history and tried private browsing mode but still can’t access my account information.

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I logged into my account yesterday and paid our bill and didn’t experience any issues.  I always use Edge, the same goes for this forum, because it just seems to work the best with T-Mobile’s websites.  Are you running any ad blockers that might be interfering with the site?  Disabling cookies and some of the more strict settings can also prevent certain aspects of the site from loading.  Also, make sure Edge is fully up to date.  

7/7/2021 & 7/8/2021 - Same problem.  I can login to T-Mobile and I can access a variety of pages but I cannot access any of the account or billing information pages.  I have tried two different browsers, Edge and Firefox and I have cleared all cookies, etc.  but this does not help.   

I’m still unable from Firefox. Browsing the T-Mobile site is fine, but the billing site just doesn’t work in Firefox. I have to use Safari.