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  • 12 February 2021
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I am loyal Tmobile prepaid user and because of that I am considered being under a Legacy Plan - Pay as you go.  When there is a promo for new updated phone, I usually take advantage of it and amount of more or less $100.00 is added to my existing plan in the form of minutes and getting the new phone as the same time.  I am happy with the plan and the promotion.

However,  your recent promo in which the Moto G is one of the free phone, I am surprised and disappointed that I cannot avail of it and was told that I have to transfer to a new plan which does not suit my needs.  

Can you review this new promo and explain to me why this is the case this time.  I will be paying now $150.00 for this new promo so I don’t think you are being taken advantage of the deal.  

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