• 12 July 2021
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I wanted to trade in my phone for the $500 promotion credit, but I wanted to pay the full price up front. My $500 credit turned into a $36 rebate and no one can explain why. Even a supervisor didn't attempt an explanation. It seems that's just the way it is.

I certainly did not expect this kind of a runaround from a carrier who's supposed to be so superior to the competition. I could have gotten the same treatment from AT&T. 

There's also no email address for support. If you don't want to waste a phone call, you are stuck with the chat. 

2 replies

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I have an idea on what’s going on. We’ve had an offer of trading in for up to $500 off the purchase of a new device. For argument’s sake, let’s say you meet all the qualifications. If the phone you trade in has an FMV of $36, that would be deducted from the $500 off promo. The remainder of it would be given via monthly bill credits that could take 1-2 billing cycles to show up.


That is NOT stated anywhere.