Promotion Problems and Big Billing Issues

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i was wondering just how many T-Mobile customer have had any issues with being told they no longer qualified for any particular promotion despite having been using said promotion for any significant period of time without any prior issues!? Reasons for such an inquiry are because this is one of the many problems that I have experienced while being a T-Mobile customer over the last 3-4 years! It would, quite honestly, take me too long to type out everything that has happened every month for going on 2 years and I am, quite frankly, sick to death of repeating myself since that’s exactly what I must do EVERY time I have to call the customer care line to deispute my bill being overcharged for a line that was supposed to be 100% free from a promotional offer in October or November of  either 2015 or 2016, in which essentially ending up being the cause of then being charged double for my already over charged monthly bill amount! The worst part, however, in dealing with all of this each month for 2 years time; was the occasion when I would be connected with certain reps of whom would like to think they know exactly what’s been going on and tell me, very sternly, what’s what and what’s gonna happen next instead of the reps whom act very respectfully and actually pause themselves to listen without seeming like they have a supervisor over their shoulder creating intimidation or threatening stares which filter down to me and make me assume they’re going to help solve the problem but really only put it on the back burner for the next month or better qualified rep to handle instead of admit they don’t know the answer or won’t give me one because that would jeopardize their employment? Basically I just want to know how many of you have been incorrectly billed for any month with T-Mobile for any pronotional offer you accepted at any time? Just upvote if you would rather not explain your issues! Maybe this could give just cause for some upper level attention!?


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This is definitely a mess @aquantis and I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. This is something that our T-Force team will most definitely be able to make heads and tails of as they will have secure access to your account. Please do reach out to them when you have a moment so we can get this all sorted. 

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I've been with T-Mobile for at least 3 maybe 4 years. The account was in my wife's name and we never had an issue. But then came the military promotion. The account had to change to my name since I was the military member and not my wife.  My wife and I made the change and I also requested to change the account to the military plan. In doing so, I was billed not only for the plan when it was under my wife's name on the 19th of June but also the military plan under my name on 22 June. Two full payments for one month!! That's crazy. I've spoken with several T-Mobile customer service reps and found out one of the managers/supervisors denied the refund of one of the payments. So now, T-Mobile has two payments for the same month and I'm feeling the financial hit. I informed my church and local Veterans Administration counselor and they are assisting me. I hope you have someone to reach out for assistance. I'll post an update with what they suggest.

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Hey @aparadoxy . Reading this is tough for me because we love for folks to take advantage of our promos. We definitely want to help and I'm sure there's a way to sort out what's going on. I can totally understand not wanting to explain yourself again, however, it'll help us if you could give us an idea of which promo you opted for. Once we figure that out, we can go over the promo terms to make sure everything's okay. Just off the top of my head, promos can fall off changes are made to the account. Again, those changes differ from other promos so knowing which one can help shine some light on what's causing this. I'd like to help with this and would really appreciate the opportunity to try.

I wanna see your billing concerns get resolved too @aquantis . Have you spoken with Care recently to go over the charges? If you have any updates. Please keep us posted. Thanks.

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Just wanted to check in here to see how things were going. Please let us know if you still need help.

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Hey, @aparadoxy and @aquantis​!

Just stopping by to see if each of you had a chance to look over MC's reply. We want to help get to the bottom of both of your billing issues! 

I called Customer Care at 611 at least 3 times. The person I last spoke with in the Philippines stated she would call me back Tuesday, July 3rd since it would be after the 30 day wait period for cancelling the account in my wife's name. Seems like I'm starting over with T-Mobile. My wife's account was closed then it was reopened in my name. Would not have been an issue if the rep would have warned me I would get billed twice!! It's sad how easy it is with auto bill pay for T-Mobile to just take whatever they need but if they owe the customer well, there's a 30 day wait period. And, to add further insult they stated the refund was not automatic... my wife needs to call T-Mobile and they will send a check. I mentioned what happened to several of my coworkers who are military veterans and considering switching from their providers to T-Mobile. But after what just happened to me seem they are hesitant. It's one thing to know and prepare to pay a $401.45 bill but it hurts to pay $401.45 and two days later also see a second payment leave my account for $329.99.

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My goodness @aquantis 

We really need to take a deep look at your account history with us and figure out what needs to be done to correct this. We do not have the ability to pull up your account securely here on a user forum but if you prefer written correspondence, you can use the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to access your account and do a complete audit of what happened and provide the next steps. 

But Chris, there's more... I just received a new bill in the mail from T-Mobile in my wife's name. She received a credit for $224.46 but also T-Mobile billed her another $408.93 and a recurring fee of $16.78. Go figure... so with autopay T-Mobile will take $167.69 on the 19th then $329.99 on the 22nd of July. All, for the exact same phones, phone lines, etc., we had when the account was under her name. The only thing we did was change the account to my name and changed to the military plan. And for that, T-Mobile has charged us hundreds of dollars more than what we previously were paying. This has caused a huge financial burden and I don't understand why T-Mobile had done this to us. We have never been late with our payments and never had any issues with our account.

One correction... since my wife's account is closed I'm assuming T-Mobile will not pull the $167.69 via auto bill pay. But, I have to fight not only the final bill amount but also fight to get the refund. What a mess.

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This is definitely a mess @aquantis and I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. This is something that our T-Force team will most definitely be able to make heads and tails of as they will have secure access to your account. Please do reach out to them when you have a moment so we can get this all sorted. 

@aquantis​ what you are describing is the same exact thing that happened to me and my husband. We had an account under my name but when we heard that TMobile was starting a veteran discount, we decided to change responsibility and take advantage of the new discount. After we switched, we paid the bill under my husband's name that was due in June. Then a few days later I check my bank account and TMobile is trying to take over $200 out of my account, we went to the store across from our apartment and told them that this should not have been billed to my account as we had changed responsibility and already paid June's bill under my husband's account.

The guy at the store called customer service who told us they would refund us back minus usage for god know's what period of time at a later time. I have two student loan payments that were about to come out so I called my bank and stopped the payment going through. I called Tmobile at a later time and have since spoken with someone on the phone FIVE TIMES about this issue. They keep claiming that the bill we paid under my husband's name was for a different billing period than the bill they tried to charge me for, however, if that was the case then the first bill under my husband's name would surely have been due in July. Changing responsibility should be as simple as unchecking one persons name, checking the other name and entering the new responsible party's SSN. Instead no one at TMobile explains how their billing works.

Additionally, we got two phones that we paid monthly on. In May, I paid off one phone. Then I found out that this "final bill" I have to pay amounts to usage for May 25-28 which I don't believe I should be paying but it's better than $200 PLUS $30 each on TWO phones. The lady said that when I paid off the one phone, one payment had been subtracted from the payoff amount and added to the bill. So when I thought I was paying off the phone, apparently i was paying it off minus a $30 payment. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The payoff amount should be the payoff amount, you shouldn't have to figure out how many payments have been taken out of that total for a bill in order to pay off the device. I am beyond frustrated with this entire experience and at this point I am unlikely to recommend Tmobile to anyone I know. The veteran discount is great and everything but doesn't mean anything when you screw the veterans over with double bills.

Same issue here

TLDR;   Tmobile billing sucks and  constantly needs to be corrected ; Ended up with 3,000 plus collection account and its thier fault for not bundleing plan as promised discussed etc. Its happening all over to everyone i know. Ditch them.

I have had t-mobile for years paid on time etc.

Then i made the mistake of having them take my 8 lines move it to tmobile one TE

NOTHING ever worked right again disccounts did not apply and they continued to "fix " the issue for months and never fixed it .

NO matter what i did I even ended up talking to some idiot in India what happened to local calling?

I will not pay if the bill is wrong it is that simple.

They charged a bill of 300 (normal) then 500 then 800 all in a row all after adjusting and trying to fix this mess.

Now they pulled the phones killed them EVEN phones that were PAID OFF on EIP and sent it to a collections agency

FInal price for loyalty over 3,000 dollars .

And this is all thier error and will not work with me .    The fees are insane.

Tmobile SUCKS and they went from great to absolte garbage.

Get off them as SOON as you can.  use anything straight talk or something else that is very clear and easy . These bumbleing idiots have made a MESS just because they could not move plans for me properly.  

I had to call every month . Pay them over the phone and then they kept saying i did not pay them enough EVEN after the rep's kept telling me it was fine.

This is common now. They have become part of the problem and not the solution . 

Heck i'll put up a website for this and make sure i can push this out to the world and the country.  Now they are buying sprint or mergeing. What kind of mess is this.

Tmobile as i knew and loved Died.   They doing give a crap what happens to you. Or how much you have paid off.

Having major issues with the BOGO offer as well.  Being new to Tmobile, not sure what the T force is and after several hours of trying to get this resolved no one has mentioned them.  I can't print out a label to return the phone and neither can customer service....spent over an hour on the phone and no solution. 

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@magenta5745844​, T-Force is T-Mobile's customer care unit that you can access via Twitter or Facebook, they're great and if you're still having issues, we all recommend that you reach out to them.  Going back to what you were saying about printing the label- is this for a trade-in device?

Update... I spoke with a Customer Service rep but this time she looked into my account and stated why I was overcharged... during the transfer of the account from my wife's name to mine, so I can have the military rate plan, the T-Mobile Customer Rep missed transferring my phone to my name. We have four phones (two iPhones and two Samsung S8 plus) that I pay monthly under a 2 year agreement. All the phones were transferred to my name except mine. Since the account in my wife's name is considered closed the "billing system" for T-Mobile deducted the remaining balance of $400 plus dollars owed on my phone. Nothing like automation to break a two year agreement and leave the customer with an unexpected $400 bill!! That is a HUGE quality issue! I would expect T-Mobile to have protocols in place to protect their customers from financial loss but it appears not. I now have full ownership of my Samsung S8 plus. Take a guess if I'll renew another two year agreement with T-Mobile.

Orders and Promotion problems

I placed two orders for grey iPhone xs and silver iPhone xs with Buy 2 get $700 promotion (T003) and upgraded my plan on 9/16/2018. Until now I have not received my silver iPhone xs (Order # 1178421920). I've called T-Mobile many times and spent hours on the phone repeating myself to different representives just want to know when my order will arrive. I spoke to several representives and could not remembered them all but the ones I remember Ann, Ortly and Molan. Ann told me that my order was submitted to the Warehouse and it might not get processed because it's there over 48 hours and she can create a new order but I won't get the promotion because it's expired. I called back the next day and Ortly told me to go a T-mobile retail store to get the phone instead and T-mobile will honor the promotion. I went to the T-Mobile store # 1106 and did exactly what I was told but the representive Jose asked me to sign a new T-Mobile one plan which is $50 more than the plan I upgraded on 9/16/2018. I cancelled the transaction because he said the promotion ($30 per line with one line free) for that plan is expired. Molan (Batch # 204557) from Retention Center team called me on 10/6/2018 to check status and I told her the issues I've went through and she said she will talk to her supervisor and will contact me. Until now I have not received a call.

I'm tired of this because everytime I call I got transferred and transferred and had to explain myselft all over again because the transferred representive just drop off the line without explaining the issue. It seems like this is how T-Mobile handle issues, let the customer repeat the issues until they're tired of repeating and waiting and just give up. I have T-Mobile for 10 + years and I'm very disappointed how T-Mobile treat their customers.

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In order to save a lot of headache IF YOU MAKE ANY ACCOUNT changes have the CSR make the change to go into effect by cycle date, this will prevent pro rate billing(which is a standard industry practice) Point of note, this may not be avoidable if you changing plans to take advantage of some sort of deal.

If you have ordering issues and the CSR's in the call centers suggest going to a T-Mobile store, your 1st step have the csr notate the account then call back to verify the notations are indeed in the account(this will make it easier in-store while dealing with sales reps). My last piece of advice, have patience, over the years I've had issues and every last issue was ultimately fixed with compensation for my un-pleasant experience.       

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There has never been any resolution to the Black Friday 2016 problem. They simply took 20% off my entire bill, gave me promo plus on every current line I have. Though they have recently changed how lines on One Plan work and the pricing option so now adding lines will not be as fun anymore. I currently am paying for all 6 lines with no free lines. The entire mess has never been corrected. The entire time I just wanted my free lines. Yet, because of some terrible miserable screw ups by customer associates giving simply wrong information. Then calling in and the rep simply said after we were done talking "I'm gonna get fired." It was so miserable. I felt bad not only that I knew it would take me forever to get everything fixed which it took a full year. But I knew how under trained some of the staff were and they were just not ready for such a promotion like 2 free lines.

I'm having same issues except added a line on a BOGO buy 1 get 1 free.  They added the line on a lease phone despite the fact I ordered it as a purchase for the deal.  Then lied later not sending the phone saying the promotion is now over.  I ordered it during the promotion. 

I am going through a similar issue. Luckily I made my order through the message system in the T-Mobile app. I have the whole conversation documented. I have taken it up the ladder and no one in the call center, to include the manager and their manager are unwilling to honor the deal. I haven't even activated the phone yet.  This is the worst experience with any cell phone service.

I too have been over charged on several of my bills. I am also being charged for a line which was supposed to be part of a free promotion. The latest deception from TMobile is the buy one Note 10 get one free. I was told I qualified for the promotion. After receiving my phones and my new bill, I called to inquire why I was charged for two phones. I was told I did not qualify for the promotion. So now I am bring charged for both phones. I would strongly suggest to get everything in writing when dealing with TMobile.

Having that issue currently with a BTS promotion (BOGO on Lines). First, Tmo rep added more lines than needed and wanted. Then, was told it could not be removed. Months after, was told this is not true and was given wrong information. Line was removed. Now, BOGO promotion could not be added since a line was removed. Being told, there is no solution. This after being a customer for 20 years - all of these issues created by agents. All I wanted was what I availed - nothing more or less.

I have been a T-mobile customer for 3 years. I have had small issues with my bill in the past but were resolved. But when I have taken my plan 3 years ago, they had some good offers and I was told unless I change my plan myself nothing would change my plan. Sometime in the past 8-9 months I had a 9 lines plan and one of my plan members ported out to different carrier, that is when all the problems started, I noticed that I was being charged for 9 line even though I only had 8 lines and I reported it after 6 months and the rep changed my plan to 8 lines plan and refunded me the extra amount that I was charged for 3 month and a not all the 6 months saying that I can only dispute a bill within 90 days, I wasn’t happy about it but I agreed to it. And the rep also mentioned that I will be having any problems in the future, I now realize that it is code for you are in for a hell of roller coaster. That rep when changing my 9 line plan to 8 she switched me from my original plan to “Megenta” which costs me more than double compare to by regular bill. When I called CS to dispute my bill one person seemed to understand the issue and give some adjustment but that did not actually fix bill and when i called back the new rep I talked to was rude and seemed hell bent not solving my issue rather than tried to feed the incorrect charges on bill as legit charges as if she thinks that I am dum and don’t know my math. She still did not fix my bill but gave a Courtesy credit as if she were doing me a favor rather than accepting explaining me the bill but told me that my next bill will not have any issues. I called to today as soon as my latest bill is generated, and nothing is fixed yet.

I was promised 2 free iPhone 12 pros with a new 2 year plan. I asked 5 times free correct !!! no extra charge on my monthly bill for the phones correct!!!. My first bill has $31 dollar charge for phones plus the charges for the plan. It has been over 2 weeks and at least 10 phone calls - no answers. Bait and switch or just lied to. Store customer service is bad. T-mobile customer service has been good and courteous but nothing resolved. I will be letter writing and emailing to as many T-Moble managers I can find. Lastly small claims court. I don’t have a MBA but i believe it takes 10 positive reviews to equal 1 negative review.

My wife & I switched from AT&T to T Mobile  in September 2020 hoping for better service and lower rates.  Our rates are lower but T Mobile has never gotten our bill correct.  Each month I contact them (at least 1 hour out of my time but the past call was 2+ hours) and they say they have corrected the problem and it’s been escalated.  Then they always tell me they will check to make sure that the matter is solved but they never do!   So I call again to get a credit to my bill to fix the problem (which they always give me because it’s their problem), and a promise that the problem will be fixed but it NEVER is!   


I am so frustrated, have wasted so much time.  I’m at my wits end!    This is a simple error on their part where they coded us with the wrong promotion.  I’ve been told by T Mobile employees that it’s easy to fix but no one ever fixes it!!!





We have been T-Mobile customers for quite a few years now and have had nothing but good things to say. The price is right, the service is great and the perks are awesome. However in October I decided to upgrade my phones and add 2 new lines. We had troubles upgrading our phones for some reason and were told that we could go into the store go get the 2 new phones to add to our account. So we setup to trade in an iPhone 10 for $850 and an iPhone 8 for $650 under promotions going on at that time. We added 2 new lines and got iPhone SE’s and got 2 iPhone 12 PROS to replace the 2 phones we traded in. We also have a tablet data plan on the account. We went through a very long and frustrating process to get this all setup. A few days later I called to check on the status on my order and was told that they couldn’t process the order for the 2 new iPhones and that I needed to go into the store. I went to the store and got the 2 new IPHONE SE’s and set them up on my account. A few days later my new phones came. I activated them and then called T-Mobile (October) to find out how to return the 2 phones for trade in. They said they didn’t have any trade in options on my account. I went through the entire plan with them again and they sent me return labels and told me to use the current boxes. I sent the phones in. I waited until the next billing (November) period and was told that my phones weren’t received and they couldn’t apply the promotions. I found my tracking numbers and proved that I sent in the phones and that they had been received. They updated my bill and said that it would be corrected the following month. Decembers bill came and was still wrong. I called in again (December) and was told their were no promotions at that time and that I was given the wrong information and that my current bill was correct. After being transferred, frustrated, disconnected and finally reconnected with somebody I was able to prove that I was supposed to get the trade in promotions, my account was a again adjusted with the correct dollar amount and then was told that next month the bill would be correct. Now comes January and yet again the bill is wrong. I call in (January) go through the entire process all over again but this time ask if I can cancel my plan all together and switch to a different carrier. They say yes, but only I pay off my 4 phones at $2600. I asked if I could turn the phones into them and just wipe my hands of the entire situation because of my problems and they said no that wasn’t an option. At this point as a consumer I feel hopeless and don't know what to do. I am with a company that is over charging me every month and causing me to call in and explain myself over and over again. I am told that I should rest assured and the problem would be fixed as they see the promotions I was supposed to be getting and as such I would see the corrected bill. They lowered my bill to $50 for the month for all of my troubles and assured me that it would all be fixed. Today February 5th, 2021 and I get the T-Mobile bill. And yet again it’s wrong. I will be honest I almost launched the phone across the room. I take some deep breathes and head to my home office to get on the phone with them. Now after 4 - 5 months of dealing with this I am not nice, I am frustrated and I am at my end. I shouldn’t have to go through this process every month, I shouldn’t have to repeat myself 25 times on the phone, I should have to keep calling back because I am being disconnected or transferred multiple times. I shouldn’t have to keep proving that the plan and promotions that I signed up for were the right options back in October. However, I am forced to do this, I am angry, loud and nice words are not coming out of my mouth. I tried to keep my cool in past conversations but after being on hold for 30 minutes, having the person keep dropping out and telling me they were having connection issues and would transfer me only to be disconnected yet again I lost it. I feel bad for the person that answered the phone but they got an earful. I finally got over to a supervisor who was not apologetic at all, who didn’t seem to care for my concerns or issues, she just told me that the promotions were incorrect and that somebody made a mistake back in October. Before she could spit another line of BS out I gave her a piece of my mind. She then argued with me and told me that she would not be able to help me because of my language. At no point did she take a step back and understand my frustrations or concerns. She just kept pushing back. After a few minutes I finally calmed down enough and was told that the promotions were wrong and they only way to fix this problem was to apply credits to 2 of my lines to get the bill down to the correct amount per month I asked if I could stay on the line until the corrections were made and was told that it would need to be approved and would take a few days. I wasn’t offered any additional apologies or any additional credits for my troubles and frustrations. I am not feeling confident that I won’t have the same problems again next month. Allegedly my account will be fixed for March and I won’t have to call in. The parts I didn’t explain above are how I had to call multiple times each month because at times I couldn’t understand them, I sat on hold for hours on end or I got disconnected. I have been transferred more times than I could count and told different information by each person. And I mean different information from my phones were lost, the promotions were wrong, that promotion didn’t apply to my plan, the plan price is correct and there was nothing that could be done and so forth. If I could’ve found a way out of my plan at this point I would have. I am a small business owner and I also have worked in customer service for over 10 years. I usually keep a cool head and do my best to find a happy medium for both the customer and the company. I don’t argue with customers even if I think they are completely wrong, I do my best to find a resolution so they customer is happy and we can move past the inconvenience. I am not sure where things have gone wrong with T-Mobile but I am completely unhappy and frustrated with the customer service, sales and overall experiences I have been having. The fact that I have to continue to call and repeat myself over and over again and argue to get promotions that I was promised is completely unacceptable. Further more I am not able to leave because I don’t want to pay $2600 for the phones. I am willing to cancel and send the phones back to them but am told that is not an option. If my bill is still wrong in March I will be calling the better business bureau and possibly an attorney to see what I need to do to get out of this nightmare.