Promotional Debit Mastercard

  • 23 July 2018
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Trying to find balance on tmobile debit mastercard promotional offer


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7 replies

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That's an awesome question and thanks for posting. Can you try using the Wirecard page to see if that shows you what you're looking for?

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Hi again!

Just checking to see if the link above gave you what you need. Please let us know. Thanks!

The link is not working.  The card says on the backside to use which *does not* load either.  Very frustrating ...

I am trying to find out the balance on my debit mastercard, too. Looks like the card expired on 10/18 but I know I still have a balance on it.

T-mobile, please help!

Alex Geronimo

I wanna know if someone can helpe on why my account was closed after a friend added money for me an I didn't do nothing wrong

i am having the same problem, the wire card website does not load and neither does the site on the back of the card, if i text for the balance it states my account doesnt exist or isnt valid. It also appears that you have not responded to the follow up questions in a week

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Ah sorry about that. I updated the link in my previous post for the website. Looks like it's been changed to a different one. Have you tried this link? Also, do you have any toll free number on the card that you've tried reaching out to about the account?