Questions on COVID-19?

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Do you have any questions that aren't covered our Newsroom post or Frequently Asked Questions​? Want to let us know how you think we're doing? Drop a comment below!

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What if I can’t  pay my bill Because I got laid off, due to the covid-19?

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You can call Customer Care and request a payment extension due to your current situation.

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You don't even have to call! If your payment is already due you can set one up yourself online. Click the pink button in Payment arrangement | T-Mobile Support to get started; it works on My T-Mobile and in the T-Mobile app!

I asked on the Twitter help page and was told that mobile hotspot users (who use a hotspot device instead of a phone) are not currently being included in any extra GB relief.

Here is the reply I received there:

With the additional data, that is for smartphone hotspot tethering from what I could find out about it. I don't see hotspot devices being talked about when reviewing things with this additional 20GB of data.

Is there any chance hotspot users will be given some sort of help, too, in the future? Or are we included already and I can't find it in the links you listed?

A lot of us are rural with few internet choices. All public options (local library, etc) are closed because of the virus. I'm using my hotspot to run my small business as well as pay bills / order groceries, etc.

Thanks for your help. 😊

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That's a great question!

I haven't heard any other updates on our hotspot device users. We do have a dedicated T-Mobile Update on COVID-19 Response | T-Mobile Newsroom page. Please keep an eye out as we'll keep folks posted if and when things change. Thanks.

I'm keeping an eye on that page but not finding anything. I wondered if anyone over here knew more about it. I am conserving data by not viewing any videos / games, etc. I'm pretty good at conserving it, so I'm not running out just yet.

It sounds like this person's parents could use some help, too. They're in a similar situation:

T-Mobile hotspot for home

Thanks for the reply.  😊

I’m already set up a payment arrangement and can’t pay that    wait times are long, has anyone gotten an extension?

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You'll want to reach out to T-Force or give us a call in this situation. We'll need to someone who can look at your account and see all the options we have for you.

But what if we already have a payment arrangement that we now cannot pay  because of a COVID-19 lay-off?

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Like I mentioned to @lohick95843, you'll want to reach out to T-Force or give us a call so we can look at your account and see what options are available.

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I dug a little deeper into this and found that our Mobile Internet plans for HotSpots​ have unlimited 3G data after you've used the high speed bucket. It's only a few hundred kbps, so not great for video streaming, but should help you with paying bills and ordering groceries. If you have a T-Mobile phone with data, I'd take advantage of the additional Mobile Hotspot and stream through there.

I've gone over the 22 GB a few times in the past, and it slows down a lot. Just to reach the T-Mobile page to add a little more data for $10 took some time. I found it wasn't usable for much. Maybe that's changed recently? I haven't gone over since last August.

I also applied for the new fixed wireless service but am on the waiting list.

I don't have a cell phone (except for a flip phone for emergencies). I've thought about replacing the hotspot device with a phone and using the tethering to my laptop until I can figure out a way to get home internet. I found this plan with 20 GB mobile hotspot data: Magenta®️ Plus Premium Unlimited Plan | Starting at $50/Mo. | T-Mobile that's the same price as the 22 GB hotspot, so I'll look into that.

The phone's mobile hotspot data can be used for work on my laptop just like the hotspot device?

Thanks for all your help! Hope everyone is staying safe. 😊

Why isn’t TMobile doing more to help customers during the Coronavirus pandemic? Even if you do a payment arrangement you still have to pay by April 15. Some companies have even paid the bills for there customers.

Could T-Mobile please roll out their home internet to the rest of us now? I've already used it from a third party so I know it works, but I'm sure my rural neighbors would like to use the $50 T-Mobile Home Internet service while they are trying to work from home and their kids are online learning. I would like to use it too!

According to the FAQ (Update on Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response | T-Mobile), "To help you stay connected to family and friends abroad, we are currently offering free international calling for all T-Mobile and T-Mobile for Metro customers to landline (and in many cases mobile) numbers in many countries." I've been calling a family member in the U.K. (Landline only) who is currently in a hospital. I'm calling the hospital landline directly, but I have been getting text messages stating that I am accruing over $100 in international calling charges. How do I make sure I am not billed for these calls? 

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We're always looking for ways to do more and I'll be sure to pass that feedback along. I know that today, in response to COVID-19, we introduced lower-priced options, available starting Wednesday. You can get all the info here: T-Mobile Connect Launches Early to Help the Most Vulnerable in America Get and Stay Connected | T-Mobile Newsroom​.

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We hear you and we're working hard to make it available in as many places as we can. I recommend you and your neighbors go through the sign up process. That way we can let you know if it gets to your area and it lets us know where to prioritize 😊

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Those charges will show for right now, but we'll be automatically adjusting them when we generate your bill. Check out COVID-19 updates | T-Mobile Support for some additional details.

My payment arrangement was due today and I'm unable to pay it, how long do i have until they suspend my service? I will call first thing tomorrow morning but i don't want it suspended over night.....

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Something like that depends very much on what's going on with your account. Please reach out to T-Force or give us a call so we can see how we can help.

Hello Ian

I need to buy a new sim chip for my tablet. It is an existing T-mobile account.

Tried to do this online - there's an upgrade sim option but I don't think it is the same thing.

Have tried the "talk to an expert" email link - Which is useless if you're not trying to upgrade your service or add a line.

Sabrina in Texas was very nice but she couldn't help me.

I don't understand why they can't simply sell a replacement chip to someone with an existing account.

Particularly now.

I have spent hours (3.5 yesterday) on hold trying to get through to customer service. Going on four today.

Getting through to an actual human on the phone has become a science experiment.

Frankly, if I have to listen to the crappy pop music and the recording telling me to try to take care of simple things myself online much longer I am going to lose it.

I get that your shorthanded.

This is a simple thing. I have already tried to fix it online. T-Mobile doesn't have an option for this.

Any ideas?

Ive been asking that myself too! I called customer service waiwaited 2.5 hrs only to get disconnected! Tried to reach someone in Twitter and no luck! I need to speak to someone ASAP! My bill was due on the 25th.

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I took a look and I wasn't able to find a way to order a replacement SIM card yourself without adding a new line of service. Especially with the long hold times and store closures due to COVID-19, you may want to try social media like Facebook or Twitter.

I have a smartphone on a prepaid plan (5GB/month of 4G LTE data).  There is no option in the my prepaid t-mobile account to pick the additional 10GB of mobile hotspot data for the next two months.  Are prepaid smartphone accounts not included in the added smartphone mobile hotspot data?

"T-Mobile customers on plans with smartphone mobile hotspot can add 20GB of smartphone mobile hotspot (10GB per bill cycle for the next 60 days) via or the myT-Mobile app by adding the COVID-19 Response High Speed Smartphone Mobile HotSpot feature for each voice line."

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You're in luck! Prepaid customers don't have to do anything. The only thing you might get is an overage warning that you can ignore; but we were working on turning those off.