Quota on Global Plus 15GB.

Hi everyone,

I upgraded my line which has Tmobile One with One Plus International to TMobile One and Global Plus 15GB.   Now on the usage page, it no longer says unlimited, but now shows the denominator as 15GB

As I have TMobile One which is unlimited, shouldn't it say Unlimited and only apply usage towards the 15GB should I be overseas.




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You still have unlimited as this is just an add on feature. Is your normal usage in the US counting toward your 15GB?

Hi Chris,

That is correct.   According to the t-mobile APP and web site, My normal usage within the US is counting towards my 15GB.


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Okay, well that is not correct at all! Please do call us when you have a moment so our team of experts folks over the phone can take a closer look at your account to make sure all is well.

Thanks Chris.  I called TMobile 611 and the support staff is submitting a ticket on my behalf, as something is broken.


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I did not know about Global Plus until I read your post.

That feature looks awesome for those who travel. 😉

I've had this same problem... have escalated about 3 tickets now to upper levels of support with T-Force and the executive offices... no one seems to be able to fix it... ongoing issue.

Ok. So let’s see if a T-Mo support person can clarify this.

I am on the Global Plus 15gb and enjoying it a lot, as I’m constantly circling the globe.

However, I have gotten a couple of threat SMSs, saying I’ve been using too much Int’l data.  One of my 2 lines got an SMS threatening  a block. Which never occurred.

Now, I’m thinking these SMSs have to be stock messages when a lot of international data is used.

I can can understand a fair use policy when the Global plus was unlimited, but the plan i’m on specifically says I get 15gb of high speed International data per month. So how would it be I coils ever use it excessively ? I pay $50 for 15gb of Int’l data, and that’s what I expect. The plan doesn’t say I must use the data in 10 or 15 days a month, or  some other limitation. I get 15gb per month for $50. Then throttling. End of story, no? There’s no fair use. It’s clear. 15gb for $50 per month. Then the Int’l data usage resets every month, ready for another 15gb for the month.

So am I right for assuming the SMSs are simply auto generated, and not specific for my plan? Nothing has been blocked or limited yet the last 4 months. I simply don’t particularly like getting threat SMSs as a 21 year customer of Omnipoint/Voicestream/T-Mobile.

The 50% fair use Int’l data usage doesn’t apply here, as I’m paying for a specific amount of Int’l data per month.

Can you confirm my thoughts ?

PS - my line did at first show 15gb of all data, instead of unlimited, but it appears T-Mo corrected that glitch a month or 2 ago, and the lines with Global plus now say unlimited, meaning for domestic

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Hey @jeffbharris

We are glad to see that you are getting a benefit from the services we offer! Our roaming service in general is meant for US based customers making a lot of trips international but if the majority of your usage is occurring while roaming, you can have your services suspended for extreme roaming.

Hi Chris

I appreciate your reply, but you just gave me a stock answer. What i am saying is, this Global plus 15gb is an exception to your stock “majority of roaming” TOS. Because up until now, Thea latest TOS of a year or 2 ago, apply because all of your date plans were unlimited. Including the international 128/256mbps throttled data. There i could understand the TOS that specify excessive use of that.

But this plan is different. It does not say if you use 2gb domestically in a month, you cannot use the Int’l 15gb for the $50. Because if I only use, say more realistically  9gb each month domestically, where anywhere in the agreement I made at the $50 sign up say I cannot use the entire 15gb internationally I have been specifically offered by T-Mobile for the $50?

My point is, Chris, I hope it doesn’t become an issue for my account, and I will fight it all the up to John L, but I’m asking you to fully research this question. Your last general TOS does not, and can not apply to this plan, given the offer you are making for that plan.

If I use 9GB every month domestically, is there a point i am not entitled to my 15gb international data I am paying for, by any given month? Or, in other words, it would be ok if i used 16gb a month domestically and 15gb internationally in the same month, and not ok if I use 9gb domestically every month, and 15 ng international in that month? That’s kinda absurd. Even legally.

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I sincerely apologize for any confusion on this. We want our customers to get the maximum benefit from the services we offer! The 15GB plan is unfortunately not an exception to having the majority of your usage occur outside of the US. In the latest version of the Terms and Conditions under "Examples of Permitted and Prohibited Uses of the Service and Your Device" it does say

Unless explicitly permitted by your Rate Plan or Data Plan, you are not permitted to use your Device or the Services in a way that we determine:

  • Results in more than 50% of your voice and/or data usage being Off-Net (i.e., connected to another provider’s network) for any 2 billing cycles within any 12-month period;

The Global Plus 15GB General Terms (located at the bottom) does explicitly call out that it is "Not for extended international use; you must reside in the U.S. and primary usage must occur on our U.S. network."

Hey Chris.

Thanks again for the reply. I’m not trying to be difficult. I am just trying to ascertain the most effective easy to use the global, as I am out of the country every month.

So, even with that TOS, I want to be clear

So, i would have to get 15gb or more of domestic data under my belt, since I have 50gb domestically before throttling,, let’s say in the beginning of my billing cycle, I will be able to utilize all 15gb of international data that same billing cycle ??

Sounds  illogical, but this is clearly what you’re telling me. Please confirm.

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I am not sure I understand the question 😥 The way it works is if your international usage in 2 months over a 12 month period is 50% higher than your domestic usage for those months, your account could be suspended for excessive roaming.

If your roaming usage is more than 50% in a given month, we recommend unlocking your phone and using it with one of the local carriers for your extended stay.

Sorry Chris. Again. I don’t mean tone difficult.

But, I usually use 3-5gb a month domestically, and probably 10gb internationally.

So so what I’m saying is, according to your 50% requirement , i have to force the issue, by burning over 15gb domestically in the beginning of the billing cycle, like streaming Netflix overnight in America, to able to use the 15gb of international data for the rest of the cycle. That would mean I’m using less than 50% of my total data internationally. Is that correct?

By the way, 4 of my friends spend virtually all month out of the country , and although they’ve gotten threat emails, no suspension or throttle has occurred since November.

I just simply feel its inelegant to get threat SMSs , when I’ve been a loyal client with several lines,  for effectively 21 years

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We do appreciate your loyalty! The SMS messages are not meant as a threat but more of a reminder. We send them so that our users are not caught off guard if their account is suspended for excessive roaming.

As for the usage, the terms only state 50% of your usage. I guess if you were to use 16 GB in the US and 15 GB roaming you would not be over 50% international data usage. Please be mindful that this is for voice and/or data usage.

Ok Chris. Thanks for the reply and clarification.

Its quite ridiculous. I have to purposely burn through 15gb of domestic data, solely to waste data, in order to utilize the full roaming allocation.

I hope these illogical rules are rethought by T-Mo at some point for greater efficiency

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I can see where you are coming from and we really appreciate your feedback!

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I agree with what your view.

Instead of wasting hours of time watching 16GB of Netflix to meet the 50% quota....... you could just download a 16GB file from the internet on the 1st day of your billing cycle (BAM).

it is a silly rule, im sure they will update that in future.

Know a decent 16gb issue free file i could download ??

And also, downloading a random file on an iPhone may or may not time out because of the way it must download files , through safari.  So steaming HD for maybe 6 hours during the night may be pretty timeout free.

Honestly, I think although Chris mentioned action being taken after 2 months of “excessive roaming” via the TOS, I know several people not meeting the requirements every month since November, and their roaming is still alive. But it can’t hurt to be safe if it’s an easy download.

I’d just download a bunch of movies from nextlfix or amazon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ weird workaround

I googleed “longest Netflix film”  

if you  stream the entire film of “Slow TV: Salmon fishing” , it burns around 10-12gb. I did it overnight while in the US, and now at least I know I’m less than 50% international usage  

It’s easier than finding a bunch of smaller films to download. 

Maybe is a weird workaround , but the person who watches a 9 hour film of people salmon fishing is weirder