RCS Messaging and Google Jibe

  • 12 March 2019
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Is anyone from T-Mobile able to help with understanding why you guys are not interconnecting your RCS profile to the Google Jibe Hub so that your customers can utilize the Chat feature in Android Messages which you guys have to know is one of the preferred texting apps over an OEMs native messaging app because it's simply better? The other carriers have done it so that they can utilize this function and interconnect with one another but T-Mobile is the odd man out and I was curious as to what brought about this decision. Will you guys connect to the Google Jibe Hub sometime soon or within years? With Universal Profile being in version 2.0+ and with all devices not having received even version 1.0, will we have to wait years before every device receives the latest version of the profile or some form of the profile at all? Are we always going to be in a waiting game for these kinds of things versus these features being activated right out of the box?


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Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I do not have any information on that at this time but you can rest assured that we always try to make sure our devices and services support the latest and greatest features. You can keep an eye on our Newsroom for all the latest.

Few things are as infuriating as the constant flow of I-don't-knows flowing from everyone who is public facing/interacting at tMobile.

Someone knows. Someone has an answer. Don't keep telling people to watch the news or device list, get someone who has an answer to start addressing people.

D1 in Europe has this feature, so why doesn't the US?

Seriously man. We know for a fact T-mobile knows exactly where this project sits, but its probably so far down the line that they don't want to share any timelines. Logically thinking, if this was going to be introduced anytime soon, they would've no problem shared with it the loyal customers.

The surprising thing is that there are smaller carriers out there that have already enabled this for their customers, and I know for a fact T-mobile has the resources to enable this, not sure why its not happening.

T-mobile please give us answers Community-2008

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Tmo has to give up on RCS advanced messaging of their own first.

Chris, RCS adoption is not even the latest and greatest in communication and TMobile has yet to fully utilize and implement it. RCS in Google messages is a good step forward and I believe TMobile needs to jump on this and get it done already.

Just got this answer from tmobile chat.

"Thank you so much for your patience, apparently my robots (don't tell my technicians I call them that   ) have not had their coffee yet this morning! So they said unfortunately we don't have any information on that RCS launch universally. They told me that at this point it is up to Google as to when that will be available. I'm so sorry, I know that's not much of a help at all for you. "

I responded and let the rep know that google is waiting with open arms fro tmobile to simply join. Sounds like no one knows whats going on at least at the lower levels. @ @jagmandeep @ @vampirerove86

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Google has taken over RCS. If not available on your stock messaging app it would be one day when it comes to the US on Google on Android messages app.