RCS Universal Profile update

Is there an update on when RCS Universal Profile will be deployed?


Best answer by tmo_chris 24 May 2018, 17:25

Ahh okay thanks for clarifying! We are going to be rolling out updates to compatible devices here in the second quarter.

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Hey @magenta4979629

Would you be able to elaborate a bit more on this?

Here's the specification:

T-Mobile is listed as supporting Universal Profile, but it's not deployed onto the network yet. When it gets deployed, then my Android Messages app will have "Chat Features" enabled.

When will this universal profile and RCS be deployed on the network?

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Ahh okay thanks for clarifying! We are going to be rolling out updates to compatible devices here in the second quarter.

Any Idea on what are considered "compatible" devices.

I just got the OnePlus 6.. Do they need to be running a certain version of Android?

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If OEM's follows Google guidelines for Android 8.0 then any 8.0 device would support it out of the box.  Then you would need a messaging app that supports it.

There are a few OEM's that supported it long before Google implemented it and enforced it.  Sony for example.

Any more updates on this? Second Quarter ends next week....

Agreed. Where is the update?


There are 2 days left in the quarter. Is RCS Universal Profile going to launch tomorrow or Saturday?

@ @tmo_chris

Chris, Second Quarter is from April to June. The second quarter will ending in 2 days. T-Mobile hasn't announce any update on universal profile and RCS be deployed on the network? If T-Mobile is unable to release RCS & Universal Profile on time then T-Mobile should announce the extended date so, that way people are aware of it.

Also, T-Mobile didn't mention on how T-Mobile will deployed Universal Profile & RCS? By Software Update or by regular OEM app update?

Please UPDATE T-Mobile??? 

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Thanks for everyone's patience! We’ve started the rollout of a software update with GSMA RCS Universal Profile 1.0 (UP 1.0), to T-Mobile customers using select Android devices. We are starting the rollout with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices in batches. If you haven’t received the update, you will soon!. We are planning to enable GSMA RCS Universal Profile 1.0 for more Android Devices in 2018 so stay tuned!

Ok so a couple of questions here..... Why UP 1.0 when 2.2 is out? Also why start with a phone that is 3 years old?

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I'll check on the versions question but for the devices, these are the devices we have tested it on currently and will be doing the same thing with additional devices.

Ok. Also, what about devices like the Pixel 2? Will they be supported as well? T-Mobile pushed really hard to get people with Pixel 2's on the network I would hope it is also supported.

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I don't have any specifics about what additional devices will get it but there is definitely going to be more!

I don't work for T-Mobile, but...

dg1141984 wrote:

Ok so a couple of questions here..... Why UP 1.0 when 2.2 is out? Also why start with a phone that is 3 years old?

Assuming 2.2 is just "more features" over 1.0, perhaps because the extra functionality wasn't needed at initial "launch"?

But here's my questions

  1. Does this mean RCS UP is live in the network? Client updates to two old phones mean nothing unless you're also removing legacy RCS support in the same stroke from the phone's programming (forcing RCS UP.)
  2. Do these handsets you're updating still support whatever legacy RCS protocol was being used before (Joyn?)
  3. If RCS UP is live network-side, does this mean unlocked (BYOD) device with RCS UP capability (say, Google Pixel) will automatically connect to the now-present RCS UP servers? Let me put it like this: Any device that can support Sprint's RCS, which is Universal Profile, out of the box should not require any software updates of any kind in order to support RCS UP on T-Mobile. If any updates are needed in any way, then T-Mobile is either not deploying Universal Profile or is not doing so in a standards-compliant manner.
  4. Does this mean RCS will now interoperate with Sprint, whom also use RCS UP?

Completly disappointed. I ported over to Tmobile 6 months with the hope y’all were different, but it’s just more of the same. It’s like the old saying goes, “you know how you can tell they’re lying? Their lips are moving”


What about the pixel, will this be enabled on tmobileT

I was thinking the same

Funny how this dies after the "roll out" to an old phone. Pixel XL owner here myself. Not sure when we will ever get this. I did have a S7 and they already had rcs type enabled between S7s on T-Mobile. Js.

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I am going to try my best to answer your questions @segin

1: Yes.
2: Yes, if messages are sent to devices that do not yet support GSMA RCS UP 1.0, it will default back to T-Mobile's original Advanced messaging.
3: Universal Profile 1.0 will work across different carriers and devices that support it and connect with the T-Mobile network. Currently, MetroPCS is the only other carrier that is interconnected and all features are supported. We are actively working with other carriers to enable support across all customers.
4: GSMA RCS Universal Profile 1.0 is designed to work across different wireless providers as soon as they’re ready to support it and interconnect with T-Mobile. We’re hoping to open up this communication soon.

1, 2, and 4, these answers are great.

3? I think you misunderstand my question entirely. It's not about cross-network interop, it's about BYOD. There are other devices already supporting RCS UP, and they should support RCS UP on T-Mobile with nothing more than the insertion of a T-Mobile SIM. No firmware updates needed.     

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Sorry for the confusion. RCS Universal Profile 1.0 capabilities should become available if the other person also has GSMA RCS Universal Profile 1.0 on their device.