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  • 1 February 2018
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I switched to Tmobile on 10/19/2017 which was my biggest mistake. I should've stayed with Verizon like i did for past 15 years.

It's been roughly 4 months and I haven't still received either trade in credit for my iPhone 6 or ETF Rebate for my 2 other lines.

I've been calling and visiting Tmobile stores because I paid $600 out of my pocket only because i trusted Tmobile would process it in timely manner.

Every time I call the rebate center, they give me different answers. Four different people confirmed that I would receive rebate which never happened and I was given a tracking number which says processing error. I was told i would receive a call shortly which NEVER HAPPENED!

I called today again because I was told yesterday that I would receive a virtual prepaid card within 24-48 hours after waiting 4 months.

I checked online with the tracking number and It says "PROCESSING ERROR" again. The agent said "It's denied because your time frame has passed."

I dont think she knows what's going on. I got so upset and i told her if you can't help me, I will just go to the tmobile store and have the agent call you. Instead of putting effort to resolve my problem, she said "OK" wtf.

As for my trade-in credit? After speaking with 3 different reps saying $12.50 credit  will be applied to your account automatically for 24 months, I've been patiently waiting. The truth is? They dont even know where my phone is.

Without checking it, i was told it has physical damages so it only worth $60. Hello? I did inspect and the agent at the store inspect before I traded in and there was absolutely NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE WHATSOEVER. I asked to send my phone back. They said they can't.

The question they asked? "Did you fill out online trade in form?" I was like "I dropped off my phone at the store on the day i signed the damn contract with Tmobile."

I asked them "Did you even have my phone and inspect it?" I was told "They should've"

Although there are some nice and smart customer service reps who understand the frustration and are willing to help, it's either their customer service system sucks or they are not trained well.  The overall my experience with Tmobile?

NEVER EVER SWITCH TO TMOBILE!!!! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! They try everything to not give you money which they promised.

3 replies

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Oh man this is rough @magenta4005826  and shouldn't be this difficult to get the rebate. With the errors you're getting and what you've done so far, we'll need folks with account access to help look at this further. Have you tried reaching out to our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter? They have the tools to take a look at this further and it's totally worth it especially looking at how long you've been waiting. Please give them a shot and let them dig into this for you.

Mike, would you believe that i sent the color copies of my final bill from Verizon for 4 times and I was told they dont have copy and now the time frame has passed? I visited tmobile store like every week in January. They said It would be done by 15th, 27th ad 31st. NOTHING HAPPENED!

I'm so getting sick of Tmobile although I appreciate your reply.4 months. I have had enough. Is there a way i can file complaints or claims against Tmobile?

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I hear what you're saying. You're not supposed to have to send the bill that many time. Ideally, it goes much smoother than what you've experienced and I wish I had a better way to help you. I still think it's worth a shot to reach out to our T-Force folks to take another crack at helping. I can definitely help with a complaint. Just send a reply the the private message I sent you and I'll make sure I report what happened. For what it's worth, I'm really sorry to hear this happened, but I appreciate you coming here and giving us feedback on where we can do better.