Received Empty package today, no iphone inside.

  • 10 September 2021
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Recently I ordered a new iPhone 12 Pro max on trade in bases and was waiting so badly to switch my old phone. Phone was suppose to deliver today 9/9/2021.. UPS did delivered at the front door around 7.30 PM but found out it was empty, some one most probably from the UPS has already took out the brand new iPhone and delivered me the empty box. I already contacted T mobile about the mess and they assured me they will contact me within 12 to 24 hours. Hope I will get my new phone soon without any complications. So officially today is day one.

2 replies

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Regardless of what they tell you, at this point I’d start communicating in writing: as in by business format letters with file copies. If push comes to shove, ink on paper carries a lot of weight. Phone calls have none.

Same just happened to me 9-15-21. How has your caseevolved?