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  • 25 December 2019
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I just did some research and if you want to port your TMO number to google voice it cost $20 but after that you can transfer it to whatever company you want for free since you paid for the first transfer. I will be doing this to save money since T-Mobile dose not want to support short codes for digits numbers.

Come on T-Mobile, FIX THIS!  Or at least acknowledge you're aware of the issue and provide us with a stance.

Digits is the only differentiating feature you have over your competition and the reason some of us have stuck with TMO.  Digits is crippled. Please do something about it.


Is there any way around this? I’m temporarily using digits while I wait for my backordered phone to arrive. In the meantime I need to reset the password to access some accounts that are on my lost phone. Which I can’t do because I can’t receive the text to do so. I needed to change his passwords to ensure that whoever has my phone can’t access that, and also i really can’t afford to go another 1 to 2 weeks with no access to my email and other accounts. 

Is it an i phone? You can do some of what your talking about through i cloud (email apps etc). Also you can back it up and then reset it to factory settings remotely so your info is no longer on it at all. 

Short codes and OTP SMS cannot be sent over digits for the following reason-

Digits accesses the phone number on multiple devices, which have nothing to do with your phone. This poses serious security risks for OTP and short code SMS content which are EXPLICITLY meant for your smartphone. 

The sender of the codes assumes that you are reading it on your phone. If you received the code for a password reset, one time password or verification of authentication, you MUST possess the phone or else you are breaking the covenant with the sender of that SMS who can then be legally held liable for sending such text to a device that is not your phone.

So, in short, there will not be short codes on digits. There cannot be.

Had to call in to have them update for me.  I can’t have them send me an email pin and make changes on my own.  So after 8 days of calling and getting different customer rep.  I finally got one from the Alabama call center that was able to figure the issue and get my number working again.

Why can't I get text messages from Amazon for account verification OTP to(#8563084006 From didgits line)

Why can't I get text messages from Amazon for account verification OTP to(#8563084006 From didgits line)

Boooo T-Mobile!

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Hey there! I am very sorry but DIGITS does not support shortcodes. In order to receive shortcodes, you will have to have them delivered to the SIM line.