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I have suspended my line in May because I left the US but now I’m coming back and when I’m trying to reconnect my phone number from my account it isn’t working. What can I do in that situation, because I can’t even call Tmobile .


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Dialing 611 should connect you to T-Mobile unless you are overseas.  Is your line a prepaid line?  Prepaid lines terminate after a period where no funds are deposited and the plan has been inactive for a little while.  

Unfortunately, I am having the same problem right now. 

T-mobile disconnected my family phone. I called them several times and told them that I am paying as much as I can that was $200 each month or whenever I can.  

We all lost our jobs due to coronavirus mess. 

t-mobile disconnect our family phone due to late payment late last night and put my daughter in danger as she was on the road. 

T-mobile doesn’t respect its customers and they don’t realize the whole mess we are in now. 

I paid the bill but they said we all have to restart our phones. 

How in the world I can tell my daughter, who I don’t where is she and tell her to restart her cell phones when her cell phone is disconnected!!!!!!!!!!

t-mobile must learn the basics and humanity and instead of lying about black life matters, everyone lives matter. 

I hate when companies like t-mobile want’s to take advantage of a movement (black lives matter) and put a big black banner on its website and at the same time put the lives of people in danger by disconnecting their only route of communication in this tough time.