Refund owed for 1200 Iphone 11 pro max that UPS has lost


I returned a Iphone 11 that cost me about 1200 because I decided I needed larger storage space and it  actually was having issues as shutting down continuously. Unfortunately It’s been a nightmare because it’s been during Covid and I was away because I was sick myself and turning for a member that is sick so I wasn’t able to leave the home. T Mobile sent me a UPS return label which I used and I’ve been continuously looking it up and it still says in process.   I called T-Mobile about a month ago and they stated that they were going to start a claim.  couple of weeks go by and I called them again and now they tell me that t Mobile is not responsible for starting the claim and that the customer has to start the claim. How is that possible if it’s under T-Mobile UPS account?  I called UPS and they stated to me that that’s ridiculous T-Mobile is totally responsible since it was their label and they have the insurance.  All I know is that somebody owes me $1200 and let’s just put it this way we’ve actually are looking into speaking to a class action lawsuit attorney. This is NOT acceptable!!  

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