Regret switching from AT&T to T-Mobile!

  • 11 September 2020
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We have been having issues with AT&T left & right so we look up the highest leading phone company right now & T-Mobile it #1. We have been w/T-Mobile for 1-month and honestly I'd rather have AT&T service back. If I had known speeds on everything would be this bad and receiving txt or MMS would take forever even in popular areas to travel, I would have never switched. The hotspot is even worst it says we have 3 bars but nothing will load or load sooooo slow. So my question is we paid our devices off to switch to T-Mobile and they reimbursed us our payoff on each phone.. If we were to go back to AT&T would we have to pay back that reimbursement that T-Mobile gave us for switching to them?? 

I have Galaxy S10+ & my husband has an IPhone XS 

2 replies

Have you contact Tmobile reporting these issue? There customer service is really good. If you don’t report these problem they can’t help you. As well you would have to ask them about what happens if you do cancel. Chances are you would have to pay them for the reimbursement they offered you, but you never know. Be kind when you call and I’m sure they would help get this cleared up. 

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Let me understand. You paid off your phones with AT&T, had them unlocked, switched to T-Mobile using your unlocked phones from AT&T and got reimbursed for the cost of paying off the phones? You are not now making payments on your phones? If you are not making phone payments, you have no commitment to T-Mobile beyond the end of the month. Provided I understand the situation, you have no obligation to stay. I suggest you wait until near the end of your billing month to port out as T-Mobile does not prorate partial months on port-outs.