Resuming(re-activating) a canceled line for T-Mobile Deal

  • 16 May 2019
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I have a family plan which has 7 lines on it. I want to get a deal called "2019 LG Activate and Save 2" but there is rule for it as

"If a voice line has been canceled within the past 90 days, it must be resumed"

I have a canceled line 60 days ago. So, I have to resume/re-activate this line to get this deal. I called customer care and went to Corporate Store but they could not re-activate my previous line because the number that I used on that line was recycled and assinged to another customer. They said they could not do it.

So, how can I take this deal then? There is no any sentence about recycled numbers of canceled lines?

I also asked to open a new account (sub-account) but they said I need to full my family plan first (10 of 10).

As I result of these informations, I will not get the deal or is there any chance for it?

Thank you.


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Tmobile must have changed their policy or someone is misinformed.

I believe use to have 90 days to restore an account and it was the same for giving out your former number.

The details use to be in the Terms and Conditions but they aren't in the current.

That said I would contact T-force using messenger on Facebook or twitter to try to restore that line with a new number.