RTSP being blocked

I just switched to T-Mobile and I'm having trouble with remote view of video surveillance through an app that worked on Verizon and is working fine on wireless.  But I can't see video when on the T-Mobile network.  Is T-Mobile blocking RTSP?

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This is a really sweet feature and it's a bummer you're running into trouble. I'm not seeing we have a block for RTSP on our end. Do you have a strong data connection? Have you also tested on Wi-Fi to see if it works?

Actually seems like you are blocking port 554. Is there a port that I can use for RTSP?

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I wish I had a recommendation for you but I don't. We can only ask that you use the suggested settings based on the phone you're using. The other thing we can do is take steps to make sure you're getting the best possible data connection available. Sorry my friend. There may be a workaround but I don't know of one. I've heard of other folks using surveillance programs and some work without having to change any settings. Getting things like this is sometimes a challenge for use because it's not something T-Mobile really supports. We have to stick with troubleshooting the device's settings and making sure we give you data. I hope that makes sense.

No it doesn’t make sense. It’s not an issue with the settings on my phone. I’m trying to find a port that is open. In effect you are blocking RTSP. It’s disappointing that I switched from Verizon where this worked fine, and you don’t support it. You’ve made my Security system worthless. What ports do you support?

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Sorry for being confusing. What I'm saying is, in order to stream video, we'd need to make sure your device has the right settings and you can access the web. There really shouldn't be anything else you'd need to do to get video to work. Are you using a T-Mobile device or a Verizon phone? What's the make and model of it? Are you getting an error when you try to stream?

I’m on an iPhone 8. When I am on any WiFi network I can connect and see video. When I am on the t-mobile network I can’t get video.  When I was on Verizon it was working fine.  I had RTSP on port 554 on my router  I’ve tried several other ports with no success. 

Here's a thought. T-Mobile's Binge-On "filtering" is standard on all new plans (i.e. you can't turn it off). It limits the speed of streamed video. Most big video streaming providers (e.g. Netflix, YouTube, etc) will decimate their videos to fit within T-Mobile's restrictions. Could you be running into an issue with this? Can you set your  security cameras to stream on a different port or a lower resolution? If you're on an older plan that allows you to turn "Binge OFF", have you tried doing that?

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Just wanted to check on the suggestion made above! 😊


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Hi there.

Can you let us know what app you're using? If you've tested out the suggestion above, please let us know if that helps. Thanks.

I have tried to limit the video quality to lower the bandwidth requirements with limited success. It still takes awhile to load and will only load one stream and limits the ability to select a second stream even individually. I could load four at one time on Verizon.

I am using TVRMobile by Interligix.

I am on a new plan. I just switched from Verizon.

Now looking through some of my plan information, I have the One Plus plan which is supposed to give me unlimited HD video. Why cant I get even Standard video from this video stream?  It tells me to go to my profile to turn on HD video but that’s not an option in my profile.

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Hmm, that's odd. There should be an option to enable that there. Are you going through the T-Mobile app or your MyT-Mobile.com account on a computer? There should be an option in your profile that says Media Settings. After clicking that, see if you have an HD Video Resolution option.

My home security is being blocked when I connect directly to the 5G gateway when I connect via WiFi or through a router it and everything is throtelled to .576 kbs. 


This is so wrong T-Mobile. Can you please fix this? I switched because your rep said that everything should work because it is unlimited but it seem that he was lying to me

I am having this same issue.  Right now I'm forced to use the low quality stream when remotely viewing any of my security cameras.  I'm kind of wishing I had never switched to T-Mobile.